A Lineman’s View ~ It’s a Little Warm This Morning

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It’s as high as my little 45 foot bucket would take me. I wish is wasn’t hazy because you could see a heck of a lot farther. There are some fires starting south of my area and I hope they don’t make their way over the mountain.

I finally got out of town and was able to connect this new service for the customer setting up shop on the hillside in their AirStream. I just need to make some connections, energize the transformer, check voltage and install the meter. The. It is off to the next one. It’s suppose to be a hot hot hot one today. 107F!!

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What a great view.
107? Now that’s hot. I can’t believe you are so comfortable being up that high, I panic at 8 feet up.🤪

I just got back in my truck and drive a couple miles down the road and looked at the temp gauge. Lol

Wait... wait... gimme 110F...

When you are used to hanging from a helicopter and working out of a 95 foot bucket, 50 feet ain’t much. Just another day at the office... the hot office!!

You need one of these and so do I


Gosh, it's like that here too.

By mid morning, it's already in the high 80s or 90s. It's the worst around late afternoon, though. Everything is a scorching high 90s.

I don’t miss the days in Fresno Ca. 110-115 and working outages at night when it cooled off to 85-90 and humid as all get out. We are suppose to be around 105 today and I thing tomorrow. I am on standby for outages this weekend... please no outages. Lol

Sounds miserable just imagining it.

Lots of water and a few baths under my 5 gallon water jug. A little ice water on the head and soaking the shirt goes a long way.

Beautiful place!

It does have it's own unique kind of beauty. Thanks for stopping by...

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