Decentralizing My Content - On 3 Platforms Now! Upcoming Live Call-In & Interview Show

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Hello beautiful humans!

The last couple weeks have been all about the #decentralization of my content. I went from only posting on #HIVE, to having my #LBRY channel up & running, plus getting started on #Flote.

In today's video, I'm chatting about my plans for the coming weeks and my upcoming livestream/radio show. The show is going to be a couple hours a day, 3-7 days a week (haven't decided yet), and will include interviews, panels, call-ins, and just me talking :-)

Interviews/guests will focus on people creating & promoting solutions, as well as hosting dialectics between view points that too often have debates.
Call ins will range a lot depending on who calls in - obviously my highest excitement & expertise are in the areas of mindful living, veganism, sovereignty, and community building.
When it's just me... whatever's on my mind, going through important headlines, reading short stories, who knows :-P
Hope you're all having a magnificent week!

Much love!


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That's some great news! You'd be very successful with a radio show imho. I can't wait personally. It's a mind blower when I start to consider all the topics. sweet