Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese F2 - End of Seedling Stage

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Hi All,

It's end of the seedling stage in the Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese grow...Check out the clip for an update.


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Top quality cannabis content wish you had your Armen account!

You using tribaldex and automated your account?

Lol, yea. No dont use tribaldex

You should check it out! I'm loving it! You know about weedcash and other tokens you most likely have now?

Yes, I do. Weedcash proofofbrain on hive engine. Is that what you mean?

It's the same thing just updated. Same keys. Same stuff.

But yep you can buy sell and stake it all up!

They are closing down hiveengine I heard and had to switch over to the new hivekeychain and in the hivekeychain secure browser.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the info bro.

Yep. More tools and same cryptocurrency account!
.blaze it and start trading.

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You have some amazing growth bro! Looking killer!

Thanks man. Good seeds.

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