The establishments actions, reek of fear...

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You tube has been going ballistic lately with all the de-platforming, and just hours ago, Stefan Molyneux was taken off.

He has over a million subscribers.

We need people like this on Hive, and push to one side the lefty 'authoritarian condoning' mindset that is present. (Like the BLM community, for example - they actually think that they're not pawns for the white oligarchs!
Yes, seriously, they do... smh)...

'The middle class mind setter's' are reaching a point where they have to choose where their allegiances lie. (and I do not mean their bank balance's, either).

A watershed moment IS coming.
Pick your side.
Now, I know full well that the favorite place for the Karen;s and Nigel's of this world to be, is sitting firmly on the fence, (complete with all the cognitive dissonance splinters the position holds).

But here's the thing....That privilege, that luxury, is a thing of the past...

History will not look favorably to those that sat on the fence and did nothing.
History will not look kindly on the collaborator's of a corrupt system.
If you ain't rebelling, then you're collaborating - with apathy, and thus acquiescence, to the status quo.

The internet remembers.
Pick wisely.
But pick, you must.

Sitting on the fence with an arse full of splinters, and sipping a glass of white wine, ain't gonna cut it. Not anymore.
That luxury is one of a bygone age, a decadent past that's just that. It's gone.

This new paradigm is upon us, like it or not.

Pick wisely.
....But pick, you must.

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