This is how I got ARRESTED at the protest on Saturday

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Shame on Victoria Police for abusing their State of Emergency powers and the mainstream media for REFUSING to hold them accountable.

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The media unit said it succinctly: "You need to do what you're being told."


This is a police state. Control of the media, control of the people, control of the narrative.

It's no different to the heavy handed tactics the police used to evict Occupy Sydney. A strong show of force.

The sad thing is that you'll have Australians justifying why your treatment was necessary not realising what rights they've given up by allowing this to happen.

I'm not a christian but, God help Australia!

Where are our rights if we don't stand for them?

Here's a protest song I wrote just this week in response to this loss of rights that if we allow it, will slip away with the encroachment of more rights to be threatened later. Stand and stand together! Stand your ground!

Those are some big brave Nazis. Everyone should be proud to live with such protectors around us.