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And now something completely different... I have made this video inspired by the #HiveChat that we had on Twitter this Tuesday, but also by some posts, or better said comments, on the Hive network where people have expressed their ideas on how to promote Hive to the "outer worlds"...

As Hive is a social media network, but also a lot more than that, we can compare it with some of the popular centralized solutions like Facebook or Instagram... But on the other side, Hive is unique as it is a blockchain, decentralized solution in the first place, but also there are a lot of other things that are impossible to "replicate" on standard social media networks...

In moments of boredness (someone calls it creativity... lol), I have created this short "Hive commercial" video... Check it out!

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Hive Commercial.jpg

Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0


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This was an awesome "commercial"! Love it. We should use this to onboard more people to our blockchain. I bet @nathanmars would agree to that ;)

Thank you for everything you do for all of us. This community would not be complete without you! :) ❤️

Love this short Hive Commercial.

Please share the raw video on Twitter @ph1102

Done! Thanks for your support, Nathan! Appreciate it!

I knew you'd like it!!! :) He is so natural at it, too :)

It's a solid pitch.... but...

If we could get some sexy ass model to say that instead of me, it would be much better... (and will probably catch a lot more eyeballs... lol...) 🤣 🤣 🤣

😂😅🤣😂 Well, the model has to have a lot of heart or we could ask the cat down the road.... lmao ... 🤣🤣💚

that's for sure! :) A lot of heart, big lungs... :)

Really like your commercial, Zoltan! I have been scrolling past any political posts on FB for a long time now.

Thanks... Yeah, me too... But it's crazy how much engagement they can create... Still, I'm sometimes lured into some stupid discussion... :D

Thanks for the comment. Appreciate the support!

Amazing video man, especially with the setting sun in the background! Loved it

Thanks, Achim... It was a great sunset, but it's difficult to create the perfect setup... lol... while walking and with a mobile phone... 😂

What would you do if you had a real camera man

Thanks a lot for buying the test service in my online shop, which is to give a "little love" to your last post. I just gave you a full upvote with an account with 6K HP (in addition to my own account) to say thank you :-)

Thank you for doing that... You didn't have to... ;)

Wish you the best for your website!

This is the magical world where it affects your real life. The magic becomes reality. Thank you @ph1102 for making this video

Thanks for your kind words! Yes, it is magical... Let's keep it like that! :)

This is awesome.
Somebody might have to stop me from commenting 'are you bored?' on random facebook posts and tweets 😂

Hahahaha... Turn off your FB and IG, and stay HERE :)

Hahaha... sorry, earn way more with FB currently.
Can't do that (yet).

Hive commercial is nice idea.I think next couple of years will be crucial for our success.

Yes, it is... People should see that we are having fun here... and they will come! :)

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