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RE: Trump/Biden Game Update! NOBODYWINS is Now Part of the Trump Biden Game

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To be clear, ALL sell walls vanish on November 4?

Also, “elected and/or sworn in” seems a tiny bit vague. The Biden/Harris example you gave was for an event happening before Election Day. But what about something that happens after that? Say Biden appears to win the election in an apparent landslide (but Trump does not concede) and then chokes to death during his family's Christmas dinner. Does that count as BIDENWINS or NOBODY if Harris is later sworn in?


All sell walls vanish on Nov 4. The market will continue to trade freely from that point until a winner is declared.

The key elements to an early win (before Jan 20 swearing in) are a clear 270+ electoral college votes and an opponent concession.

Scenario #1
Biden appears to win on election night. Trump does not concede. Lawsuits are filed. Biden is sworn in on Jan 20. BIDENWINS holders win.

Scenario #2
Close election. News organizations have different electoral counts. The next week, Trump gets a projected 293 votes. Biden concedes. TRUMPWINS holders win.

Scenario #3
Election results don't matter. Neither side concedes. Civil war erupts. NOBODY holders win.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Still confused about the Christmas scenario. 😅