COVID19 Effects : Job Frustration

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Hey everyone, Hope you are doing good...

Don't get me wrong but I think many people are now dealing with unemployed and job situations currently due to COVID19. Many people are jobless and those who freshly graduated, they are struggling every day finding appropriate jobs for themselves.
In this video, I discussed my job situation, job scarcity, and how people are dealing with it including me.

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It is true what you say dear friend @priyanarc this disease has caused havoc in the world, the vast majority of cities are home to many people without jobs and desperate to get one. the worst is that the crisis has just begun
enjoy gigi's company

Yes, there is nothing we can do actually except waiting. The whole world is facing a crisis so my concern is now only my concern. I have to wait for the right time.

Best of luck with your job search and I hope you get the right one for you. No doubt unemployment is a global headache we have to deal with now, I hope it doesn't break us and in the end we win.

You are right, I just hope for the best.
Thanks for watching...

You are welcome

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