Everyone should take care of their Skin because Skin is our Asset - My recent Purchases

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Hey everyone, Hope you are doing good...

Many people don't care about skin in fact I have seen many people saying that skincare is just for girls. Boys don't or can't do skincare but in my opinion, the skin is our asset and we should take care of it just like we take care of other things. There is no gender discrimination...

In this video, I talked about it and shared my opinion about skincare. Also, shared some products and gave reviews which I have purchased recently...

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Yes, I agree with you, but many in our country think that skin care should be taken only by girls, not boys!

Bro, you are right. Do you take care of your skin?

hello dear friend @priyanarc
The skin is the largest organ of our organism, therefore we must pay special attention, there are many diseases that are very harmful to the skin if we neglect it
I really appreciate that you let us know all these products and their attributes, thank you very much
happy rest

Exactly, there are many inflectional skin diseases available and to avoid those we should take care of our skin. It's sad that many people neglect it a lot...

Apu I appreciate with you Skin care should be taken.But speaking of Bangladesh, the girls here are very prudent about their skin.Boys don't care much about skin. But yes, if there is a problem with the skin, everyone takes care of it. Skin care is especially important in winter.

As I have said, the skin is part of our body and it's an asset, many people from Bangladesh have the wrong concept which is unfortunately sad. Skincare means they think to become Fair-like using fair and Lovely and that's all. But it's all about mentality and how you wanna keep yourself...

You are right , skin is our asset. But, in Bangladesh it’s very rare that someone is wasting time after his/ her skin.
But, I think we must think about this matter.

Well, yes I know the issue but I am just saying to take care, maybe 5 minutes that's all. No need to buy a lot of skincare products...

Yeah apu, we should care of our not only skin, but also our physical condition. But the funny but interesting thing is in Bangladesh most of the people thought that "skin careing" is such like a thing seems to facial or go to the beauty parlor.
But actually in winter season, we should specially protect our screen from dryness and keeping heal, healthy as well.
Thanks for that conscious video.

Exactly, we also forget that skin is related to our body too and it doesn't mean you have to buy so many products to become white/fair or beautiful. Most people think girls do skincare to become FORSA but it's all about to keep ourselves fresh clean and hygienic...It's all about maintenance...

This your publication is as if it is talking to me 😂😂😂.

I don't take care of my hair self 😂😂😂.

Then it's time to pay an attention to your hair ;)

Lol... I watched your video. Nivea is also available here in my country. I have used it once, it did made me feel good that people were telling me I was looking fresh.

But I feel lazy to cream my body. I always forget to do so.

Well, that product is really good for the skin. I think you should manage 10 minutes at least for skincare, ;). Maybe your girlfriend will like it too... :D

Lol 😂😂😂😂

You just reminded me of having a girlfriend 😂😂😂. I have nothing to say about that matter 🤐🤐🤐.

Check out this body cream bronze tone. I don't know if it would be available there but I love it because of the scent. It has that ice cream scent.

It was the one I used last and I bought it on February, I finished it this September. It is 200ml, it is not big. I was able to use it that long because I don't cream my body all the time plus my siblings took over half of it 😂😂😂

Man, you are too funny, now I can't stop laughing... Well, go and find a gf if you don't have and start taking care of your skin :P :P :P... You should make yourself prepare... :D

I am glad I made you laugh. I will surely find a gf, just that I am too picky 😂😂 plus I have the mentality that only guys with money in the pocket can have a girlfriend because here in my country, these girls usually bill guys oh.

So I just stay off and enjoy my single life still either the money comes or the right one comes through 😂😂😂😂

Well, I agree with you 50%, not 100%, better you should focus on your skin then ;) :P :P
Girls are expensive though... Hehehehe

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