Midnight in the Woods - Clearing a Tree off the Line

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Sometimes these middle of the night outages can be a huge pain in the ass to find. Eapecially up in the mountains in the woods. The powerlines take off from the road and disappear into the forest. Armed with a flashlight we go on foot and patrol the line. Cougars, bears, wolves… you don’t worry about that. I got my trusty flash light!! FFS!! One day we will be able to pack a little something better than a flash light.

Luckily this tree was right next to the road. All me needed to do was clear the tree, bring the broken powerlines back up, and fix some broken hardware on the pole. This could have easily taken the whole pole down but we were happy it didn’t.

Just a few short videos I was able to get while clearing the tree. Plus… check out the lights on that truck!! It’s almost daylight around it. LOL.



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💪😊😎🤙 good work! and great soundtrack too! :)