Finally Got it Out!! ~ Lower blend door actuator

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After reading and reading, everything said I have to tear the whole dash out. So piece by piece I started taking the dash apart. Then I noticed something… remove the seats, remove the center console, remove the shifter assembly, remove one nut on the heater and A/C box. This gave just enough wiggle room to be able to get this stupid actuator out of there. Pry up on the heat and A/C box and down on the foot heater duct work. WHAT A PITA!!!

This actuator is what controls the heat to A/C on the drivers side. It clicked and popped and was stuck on heat. Hopefully I can get the new one in without too many issues… How does this thing go back together anyway?!?!?



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The hardest part is putting it back together isn’t it? What are you gonna do if you have three screws left over when you’re all done? 😁

Innocently slide them to the side and look the other direction… 😆😆

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Yeah, I think I would too.

You’ll figure it out!

Nice extraction! but I think u should lay off the helium.. :P