Rethinking Our Relationship With Jobs

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The support workers industry is a trillion dollar a year sector. This is all those businesses and jobs that support people while they are at work.

In this video I discuss the work from home movement and how our economy is filled with a lot of fluff. Cryptocurrency, once again, seems to answer a major problem with the economy.

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I love being retired and no longer having a boss.

Hive is now the closest thing I have to a job, but curating and playing Cryptobrewmaster is the kind of work that a guy could get used to.


I bet your wardrobe changed a bit too.

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Nice Video!
I would say the most jobs are just occupational therapy

To be honest, I don't really like office jobs but the problem is the wage for the frontline jobs is not a living wage.

Job routing can become overwhelming at some point and some of us simply fall psychically because of the continued stress and energy that we need to consume to keep up with it. We all try to live our lives but also look at the future and doing so we simply want to be able to suffice ourselves our livings without the 8 to 4 jobs.

I am hoping that it will not take to long time for me to be able to have own and passive income to sustain my living, without the need to work in a corporation.

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