The Conflict We Are Seeing Is Not Unexpected

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A lot of chaos appears to be taking place. From the election in the United States to the WallStreetBets situation, a lot of people are starting to see how corrupt things really are. This is something that is present on a global scale. Yet, for most, they were completely unaware of what was taking place. This is no longer the case.

In this video I discuss how vital it is for each of us to decide what we are doing. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are going to be at the heart of this struggle. That said, it is more than about Lambos and Mansions. In short, we need to know why we are staking claim to the abundance that is available.

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Very true. The government won't be giving up anytime soon to take away all the power. They are destroying economies and forcing people to rely on them. The economic injustice where rules apply unequally has been proven to the masses. There has to be actual reform and I don't think it is going to come easily.

I think what Elizabeth Warren and some of the congressmen are doing as a little sketchy. The biggest issue they should be focusing on is whether or not brokers and hedge funds can do clear market manipulation. The ordinary person's risk should not be their focus. Most of these people who put money in are probably only risking a few hundred or thousand bucks compared to the billions hedge funds can lose. They understand that risks happen in the market and they signed away that when they made a stock account. The problem is that the focus of the retail crowd can easily be influenced and so long as the issue is directly in front of people's faces, the system will collapse if they don't fix it.

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They are destroying economies and forcing people to rely on them.

Trust in Math Not Politician#Bitcoin is a kind of peaceful protest against government policy over economic issue. The creation of decentralization money show public distrust to financial authorities that is kept on central banks.

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I agree with you regarding corruption; Corruption is nothing new. But this is not only limited to government and government-like institutions, this applies to the (large) corporates as well. You mentioned governments wants to enslave people. Apple, Microsoft, AWS and the likes do exactly the same. They create technology that binds their users to their service. They have an enormous margin on their products and services, therefore earning a shitload of money. They store their money in tax havens and then offer eg the governments to get loans from them making them even more money. We all know, how AWS is pushing the pay to their employee's rock bottom. Uber and the likes are causing similar effects. Taxi drivers have to use more and more Uber and Uber-like services, whilst their pay is getting lower and lower whilst Uber is getting rich over it.

We can only experience freedom when technology will be in public hands, rather than in the hands of corporates. This is gonna be a major transition we have to go through. The same applies to natural resources. The more AI will advance, the fewer jobs will be available. At some stage, most to all of us humans, will not have a job anymore, since all jobs will be handled by AI. When that happens, it becomes absolute key, the earth natural resources will be in public hands as well. How this shall be organised, I have not a clear solution for at the moment. I do know, natural resources shall not be in control of some private entity, or semi-private one.

Today we see governments are becoming more and more technocratic. Using and abusing science to make policies. I predict this will increase over time. At the same time, the number of people speaking up against governments will also increase and start to fight (physically as well) the establishment. As a result, governments will hit back. The more physical the opposition will get, to more rules will be pushed into our societies. Until at some point in time we reached a tipping point where we have to change to change things on large scale. But that time is not very near, I'm afraid. To mobilise the mass, we need much more shit put on us.

Freedom: I think freedom starts with our own mind. If we want to feel free, we can. We can feel and be free regardless of what society we are living in, and regardless what the rules of these societies are. Ways exist in any society to feel free and be free of whatever rules one doesn't like. If such freedom is for whatever reason not possible in some city, then there are village or even remote areas in a country where one can live more or less outside the rulebook decided upon by society/government.

Interesting times ahead, for use :)

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The whole congress thing was definitely not unexpected after the orange dude was inciting people for 2 month to contest the election results.

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