Everything Is Changing

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The world is changing at a pace that was never seen before. It is something that most people realize yet it seems they do not comprehend to what degree.

Thus I titled this Everything Is Changing.

In this video I discuss how we can throw all that we know out the window. Much of what we believe and hold onto was developed during a time that does not exist anymore. Concepts from 50 or 70 years ago, when our society was physical in nature, are no longer valid. To excel, we truly do need to release these ideas.

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It really is changing and I have to say being between old school to what we have going on right now it really takes a agile mind to keep up with it all. Legit I've been exhausted but loving every moment of the last 4-5 months lol

Everywhere you look at the moment there is rapid advancement and changes happening. Before it use to be a single sector but seriously home building, finances, crypto, stocks all have changed and it's drastic!

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The only thing that is constant happens to be the fact that change never stops...

The best we can do is work on rolling with the punches

All this change going on and the only thing I want to change is just adding a couple zeroes to the back end of my accounts. lol That doesn't seem like it should be too hard. Especially since we're here recognizing the changes as they happen, which puts us light years ahead of 95%+ people on the planet.

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I wonder how the Defi Space will look 50 years from now. After all, nobody will complain about getting better returns for the money they are risking. Also will the future truly be decentralized or will there be gatekeepers blocking the way? I think decentralized is more likely but I doubt it will go that way easily.

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Everything Is Changing

Except Hungary.

The disabled, the countryside people are all very poor. The honest workers are also poor. The government is getting richer by stealing the mutual funds. They do not care about the poor. What more, if you lose your job, and become homeless, they even punish you, if they find you on the streets. The level of poverty is high, and the people, who could stand up to this tiranny/dictatorship, remains silent, because they fear that they lose their jobs.

I will be 29 years old, lived all my live in Hungary, but enough is enough. I receive a low (approximately $250 USD per month) pension-like income, and I also work in a 4 hours part time jobs with multiple disabilities, but my income still does not reach the minimum wage, which is approximately $550 USD per month. And many people live in similar situations. And the government pumping millions into football.

Enough of the financial discrimination! Enough of the careless, punishing, corrupt, thief, liar government!

I hope that more and more people see this, and something good will happen in Hungary soon. Hopefully the change of leadership for the better.

I live in Romania, a relative of mine hasn't received her minimum income salary since March and she works full time, so I feel your pain

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That is sad, but I actually never received the minimum wage so far. Always less. Much less.

While making money only is awesome, ideally I would like to live my life in the physical realm (spending time in nature, with family, sports, etc) and passively life off the digital crypto realm

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