The Value For Funds In Crypto

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Index funds are a mixed blessing for the stock market. Because of the way they are structured, there are a lot of zombie companies that receive buy support since the Index Funds keep buying them.

In this video I discuss how funds are already showing up as a great help to crypto. I also cover the INDEX fund on Hive-Engine and how it will help some of the tokens on there.

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The only definition of an index for me was just the index from the books lol until a few weeks ago!
Thank you so much for the explanation!

INDEX to the Moon!

Nice analysis on the impact of zombie companies and funds in general. I do agree the liquidity on tokens are pretty bad on most HIVE tokens (sometimes greater than 10%) and if we want to become a good trading platform, this needs to be fixed.

it would be nice if a ARK type ETF fund on HIVE. If I remember correctly, they research and purchase underpriced stocks that had according to their estimates can double. If it drops, they get more of the stock. If it goes up too much, then they dump some it.

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ARK is very interesting. They have a different approach, focusing upon disruption. They have 5 areas of focus: DNA sequencing, robotics, energy storage, blockchain, and AI.

They look at things holistically. Like Tesla is one of their biggest holdings but they look at that as part of the energy storage crazy.

They are a really interesting firm and much different from typical Wall Street analysis.

If we can get synthetic assets on Leo, we then will be able to set up our own funds in a manner like that.

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Interesting as this was not something I knew. Personally I would rather hold the coins I chose myself than having a general purpose or index coin covering many in their portfolio. There are a few interesting tokens around now that have decent prospects that should do well financially.

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I bought into INDEX because it is impossible to follow every token project on here. They have a model which they opt for specific tokens based upon different criteria they set up.

When it comes to stocks though, I actively choose what I get involved in.

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Summed it up perfectly!

And here's our good buddy @khaleelkazi on the LeoFinance twitter account today, HAMMERING this point as well...

Ever. Single. Person. Wins!

That's our goal with INDEX :)

Yep he is doing his best to get things going in the right direction.

A couple more updates from a few of the teams and we might be ready for an explosion in Hive.

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The way I view index funds is as "useful" in the sense in that it's not necessarily the highest and best use of my time to become an investment expert, so I can do my own informed investing with some degree of wisdom. I think they serve those who are very busy and just know "I should be in the stock market."

Back when I did do some stock market investing, my personal choices were "sector index funds." For a while, I held technology and Biotech index funds... and that went pretty well, as those sectors outperformed the S&P pretty handily.

As for the cryptosphere? I lack the nerve to venture too far afield because I can't bridge the chasm between a project that appears to me to have little more than "vaporware" to offer, and the fact that the market just doesn't care" and will chase that to the Moon, while projects with solid use cases stagnate. And so, crypto index funds almost feel like a hedge to me.

Nice point about the "layering of value." Sort of reminds me of the "velocity of money" theory from college daze! $1 is sometimes much more than "$1."


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Sort of reminds me of the "velocity of money" theory from college daze! $1 is sometimes much more than "$1."

Depending upon how long ago you were in college this is not looking like the case anymore. With the velocity of money dropping like a rock, it is now $1 is $1.

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I follow this index of the top 200, I'm going to jump in after we get a better correction.

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Pump those INDEX tokens

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Sadly cant pump an Index fund.

Need to pump everything else.

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There are some interesting hedge and Index tokens popping up on crypto across the board. Just gotta find the gems amongst the stones. Here's an appropriate song for your video as well:

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 39 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

@taskmaster4450, One thing i agree with you and that is we don't know what is going on in cryptocurrency space, hopefully more clarity will arrive in near future. Stay blessed.