DeFi Giving Us A Glimpse Into Web 3.0?

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The DeFi craze is still surging forward. Many expect this to mirror the ICO craze of a few years ago. However, what if things are different?

In this video I discuss the idea that we could be gaining insight into what things will be like in Web 3.0. The present systems sees platforms that are extractive. Web 3.0 will place the user as the beneficiary of the value created as opposed to the platform.

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well there are not lot of people using web 3.0 but in future that a different story

When I've heard about DeFi indeed my thoughts went to ICO which created a frenzy all over the world. Still, I believe the DeFi is crazier that that, more riskier, more complex and prone to create a gap between those that make it big or loose it all. But what is clear is that this pushes the boundaries and creates evolution for the blockchain and its possibilities.

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Absolutely, I see all the time we spending on the internet will find new ways of rewarding us, from social media, to browsing with brave. We're monetising all we do through microtransactions and then using that capital to make markets more efficient its brilliant.

I look forward to the day I can have a cold storage wallet I can connect up toa DE-FI platform prove ownership of an asset and then use it as collateral in different ways while it's still safe in my possession. I think it will eventually become such a slick and more affordable way to do things and those of us proving the various use cases and risking our time and capital will be rewarded as early adopters

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