Tesla: The Automobile As Our Living Room

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Transportation as a service is going to change a lot about the automobile industry. We are going to see cars designed differently.

When people are not driving, what are they going to do? This is a question that manufacturers are going to have to answer.

In this video I discuss how Tesla is already working on their information and entertainment platform. They have a team of gaming developers already working on the idea of one's car being an extension of the living room.

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A car with a living room? That would be epic! Tesla is one company that is so hungry for technogical shifts. I'm sure there'll achieve this with time.

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There will be a time when the car is more like a rolling pod.

We will see stuff really changing if this industry automates.

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It's mind blowing to think Tesla is going into other dimensional development, I guess it's something they'll want to engage users, allow people to see more functionality of their vehicle rather than seeing it only as an element of transportation.

They are really innovating their way forward. I believe the other traditional car companies are really trying to play catch up and really struggling to do so.

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I would bet that what you're discussing about in this video will for sure become a reality, I would definitely won't appreciate too much such a reality and I'll tell you why. I've read about the Tesla and Volvo, and even google research and tests for developing fully autonomous cars for years and there's even a plan to introduce blockchain tech in the car industry as BMW plans to do in South Korea rewarding users and members with cryptos. Many things will drastically change around us and we're somehow doomed for that to happen, but that does not mean we're gonna live in a better world, or a safer one, or even a more pleasant one. The way I see it having too much entertainment at hand and too much tech under our noses ultimately distracts us. It does that by taking our attention away from the simple things in life, such as driving, from the landscape surrounding, and so on. Fully autonomous cars will probably be safer than current ones, but not better, for the above mentioned reasons. We can't ride horses forever, like you said, but we can't say our industrial evolution hasn't impacted us in a negative way either.

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Tesla cars are like somebody living inside a robot and everything is like science fiction. Just the fact that they are upgrading themselves and doing firmware upgrades, could be easily like installing some piece of AI on top. Tesla vehicles they will be so smart that I believe that there will not be any accidents anymore and that best driving options will be taken at any point.

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Musk is trying to bring Sci Fi to life. We will see how far he can push things. SpaceX is doing some incredible things.

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