Facebook: Did They Shoot Themselves In The Foot?

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It is easy to see the arrogance of Big Tech. The most recent actions show they really feel they are invincible.

In this video I discuss how tossing part of your customer base is not the best course of action. Is Facebook starting to feel the effects in its stock price?

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Trump in my opinion is way more loved outside of the US than it is in the US. If the elections could somehow be global he'd win them eaily. My father for example talks everyday about Trump and how awful it is that "Biden won" and what a tremendous effect will that have on the whole world. In my opinion Biden is just another George Bush Jr. Simply incompetent, senile and the perfect puppet for the elites.

It's whastapp and messenger, not wechat. Messenger is the native one for Facebook and whatsapp is a chatting app that has been bought by Facebook in 2010 if I'm not mistaking.

I'd recommend Telegram over messenger or WhatsApp at any time. The reason why Telegram has been kicked out of Russia is that they refused the government's access to their servers.

I have personally ditched Facebook and Instagram about four years ago and WhatsApp has been kicked out of my phone more than a year ago. I am no longer tied to any of the blue pill's applications. Maybe we will one day have some sort of a messaging app built on blockchain... who knows. I'd love that.

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Thanks for the reminder. I cant keep them all straight.

I agree Trump is better liked outside the US. And accurate assessment between Bush Jr and Biden (absent the senile which young Bush was not). Both are truly puppets and there because they are not too bright. Under Bush, Cheney and other really ran the country. The same will be with Biden.

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Tech should be politically neutral. Facebook is not and is starting to have the “MySpace” feel to it. It’s only a matter of time before some kid in a garage builds a better social network decentralized. It’s the nature of things...

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Facebook is not and is starting to have the “MySpace” feel to it.

Facebook is for older people. The Millennials are all over Instagram.

Facebook owns them also.

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I think one thing your forgetting is foreign government's outrage. Outside of the US, plenty of users use the applications and their government has some control over the information. However Twitter, Facebook and the rest are US companies and these countries understand they don't have as much influence over them. Given what happened was the de-platforming of the chief executive of the US, they are worried that it could also happen to them. I would not be surprised to see these foreign governments try to push alternatives that they have more influence over.

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Even nutty Angela in Germany was taken aback and she is as in on the global movement as anyone.

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If we would have a solid marketing team we could really be making some massive gains in terms of users and token price right about now. It's the perfect storm of censorship and discontent that can benefit hive

How so?

Most of those being censored are not long form content creators. They are on Twitter or perhaps putting a few short videos on YouTube (and they arent doing the bulk of the censoring right now).

FB and Twitter are not blogging platforms. Thus far, we dont have a lot to offer them.

Where we could make a difference is by going to individual blogs that are at risk and notifying them of the Hive option.

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isn't dbuzz a microblogging platform ? and yes we could use more front ends similar to twitter and facebook but we could market the idea of not being censored to start with. I think many don't have any idea that is an option

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Facebook, Twitter and the rest of Big Tech will not, in the short term, suffer at the stock market, because right now they can afford not to be liked. Too many people still rely too much on them, and those who have the money (academia, Blue Checkmarks, politicians, establishment) see Big Tech part of, politically speaking, "their" team and see nothing wrong with censorship. And even among those who are actually bothered by censorship there are many who see exodus from Facebook and Twitter as too inconvenient.

Facebook and Twitter will, ultimately, come down, but the process is going to be much longer and harder than most people here anticipate.

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Th best changes ae happening when it comes to secure communications. WhatsApp is finally getting what it deserves; Backlash!

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Very apt. The arrogance displayed by the Big Tech shows how much they don't really care about their users. All they care is their money and sucking wealth amassed from the gullible users. Thanks that we're quitting with the #Twitterkiller coming from LeoFinance.

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