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RE: Bitcoin - The Journey to $20000 and Beyond

in Threespeak2 years ago

my man, predicting bitcoin since 2013.

Have a great Christmas and start into the next year!

We have to talk about you selling me some of those Cana-Coins next year, you said they are discontinued, right?


Thanks! I hope you have a great holiday with or without (hopefully with) those you love :)
The silver sativa, indica, and ruderalis, from Liberty Leaf in the USA? Those are indeed discontinued, and the secondary market for them has really dried up, although they remain in demand. Very nice rounds, perhaps my all-time favourite of any cannabis silver bullion. All 3 inscriptions about Liberty are excellent.

stop marking them up and tell me how much you want for one (or a dozen)! :P

This is one of them right? I really like the quote on the back

Yeah, that's the Sativa, the first and most popular.
That eBay sale looks pretty tempting! I don't think I've seen them that cheap for a while. I only have a couple spares of that one and know like 10 people who want them off me. Maybe eBay has them in bulk? Sativa is best purchased by the pound ;D