I Am Alive Challenge Day #11 for 20th May 2020 (Some Talk About Why Steem is Dead Now)

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Hello All Dear Hivers,

Holding steem was one of my favorite investment back in 2017-2018 when i put so much effort to increase my reputation and to promote the platform where i used to blog almost every day.

Things got worst now because of some servants of centralisation. 😐😐

Let's talk about the current situation of steem and why today is not good for many Hive supporters who had steem in their steem wallets.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, let's see what happens!
By the way congrats for the day 11, keep your activities alive with the challenge and stay safe!

Thanks brother. I just want that people not get scammed by the name of steem because it will affect hive too.


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