DBuzz App Overview - True Free Speech Twitter Alternative on Hive

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Dapp review on Coin Logic TV! With all the talk about Elon buying Twitter, this is the best time to showcase the best short form or microblogging site on the Hive blockchain, DBuzz!

The https://d.buzz team has been hard at work to create a free speech alternative to Twitter. Now we all know that Elon says he is for free speech, but are we to trust the same man that wants to abandon Earth and go to Mars and put microchips in your brain? I mean... I am going to put my bet on a decentralized platform where I own my data.

You can use DBuzz as a way to post through Hive to Twitter, so you can actually earn for taking just one extra step, which also protects your data from being censored.

DBuzz is a very simple and easy to use interface that now allows sign in with your private posting key, Hive Keychain, and the new Hive Authentication Service.

They are also getting ready to integrate the ceramic accounts which will allow for account creation with Metamask.

They even now have direct Buzz integration on @threespeak ! That is pretty cool! So you can watch a video on 3speak.tv and then Buzz it to DBuzz and share it with your tribe and followers, as well as your friends on Twatter, I mean Twitter...

Hope you find the content useful and helpful in your jouney through blockchain and the search for free speech!

As always, be cool, be real, and always abide!

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I am also starting to publish on dbuzz, it seems to me a great platform to make short and concise content, also every week they are doing an initiative where you can win hive.
@Tipu curate

I am certainly adding it into my new posting strategy between accounts. Going to start using it allot for quick TA posts from @coinlogic.online as well as sharing aweseome classifieds content from @hivelist


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