Where I See The SPK Network Helping Scale Hive in the Future

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The SPK Network provides off chain data storage for Hive in a standardized way. I break down the SPK network in this video.

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Hey Dan, I loved your video. I found it a little bit late, but I wanted to upvote it. The rewards of this comment are going to be 100% for you. This is also just an example.

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Would it be not the case we can increase Blocksize and make the current Hive (Hive power) more powerful?

Like, update a solar panel that generates more RCs. I think with better tech it will become like halving events, which makes hivepower by nature more powerful.

Sure with Millions/ Billion of users, it would be different depending on grow rate :)

Edit: After I watch the full video I like it really much :) Scale to the moon, makes everything faster and with soft wallets + speak network = super easy onboarding.

Is the data on speak encrypted or not? Like a p2p encryption.

I don't see a need to raise the blocksize for Hive. However, if we needed to, we could come together and reach a consensus as a community, instead of a big split as we see in PoW networks.

I ask for a while Blocktrades about this, he was in the opinion 20x Blocksize would be doable because bitshares has 1mb blocksize.

And if i think about it, it is a really cool thing to have if needed :)

A sustained raise in blocksize beyond a reasonable limit is not scalable.

I agree, it will only show it could scale more easy than ETH in the case we would need more.

For Example 2x size increase would be in this case very doable if needed :) Even 10x.

Its only good to know, it could be a possibility.

I agree, it will only show it could scale more easy than ETH in the case we would need more.

That is yet to be tested. Ethereum has many times more usage than Hive. Both Hive and Ethereum lack a sufficient long term sharding scalability system. (Although Ethereum 2.0 will significantly improve scalability). The fee structure on both Hive and Ethereum is completely arbitrary and doesn't really represent the true underlying scalability system. Will wait and see of course.

In future I think hive will grow faster in blockchain platforms with millions users and free from money attacks. happy 😊to become a part of it.


Just enjoyed listening to you talk while chomping on a tasty Reuben sandwich. Life is good already, but damn I think it is going to get so much better. I like how you say we have lapped those who seem to be in front of us. We are moving at speeds so high that others are literally fooled into thinking we are lagging behind. Once people start to realize...

I know I have my RCs ready.


In this video, you've articulated very well what is required for any project to become successful, and for any chain to become successful. I do hope many people will take the time to listen to the video.

Regarding the base chain HIVE. Like you, I believe this needs to hold the absolute minimum. You mentioned, comments can go off-chain (2nd layer). I believe also post content shall go 2nd layer.

I also believe, all content, posts, comments, images, video and whatnot, shall be 100% control-able by the user. When the user decides to remove content, or make the content private (to a selected group, or hide it to all users), this shall be possible, this shall be a base feature!

I've seen quite a few users that I puled to 3Speak, stop using the service after they noticed their content can be downloaded by anybody. And I failed to pull some users when I was telling them upfront, others can download the video.

I've not promoted 3Speak to any of my friends being professional music players (DJs), creators and producers, since I know they will only make use of an audio/video platform with which they can 100% control their content, ie remove content when they want. As a mater of fact, this holds also true for all those other professional musicians which are not in my circle of friends. And what I've seen so far, it even holds true for the none professional musicians. Maybe not all, but many.

Moving all content to a layer where content can be in control by the user for the 100%, is therefor a great step forward to what we currently have in and around HIVE.

When the SPK network hosts the content, and the user removes the content, is this content removed from the whole SPK network automatically? What happens with those PINning content to their own node like now possible through the 3Speak Desktop App?

Self Hosting is the way forward for sure though it'll take considerable time before everybody on planet earth can self host. Not just a self hosting device must be available, this device also needs to be online 24x7 without interruptions to give the content consumer the required user experience. Such self hosting service must be simple to setup and use for anybody, the mass who doesn't understand technology at all. And self hosting must therefore be possible through any type of device. Ie, not only a desktop, laptop, but also a tablet, phone and whatnot. Maybe some special self host device can be created based on one of these small and inexpensive compute systems (Raspberry Pi or something similar), packaged in a cool (Apple/Samsung-like) case with proper integration with the users content creators devices (laptop, phone and whatnot). This then required for eg 3Speak App to be able to run on such device as well, or at least the backend, ie the IPFS part and the backend of 3Speak App (where eg the PINing takes place and other controls).

When self hosting with SPK network, is it possible for others to download the content to its own content node as well? When so, can the content owner decide to allow this or not? When other nodes can PIN posts, ie downloading the content for further distribution, how is that content removed when the owner of the content decides to remove the content on its own self hosting device? Or limit access to the content to a selected number if users?

I believe, when this whole thing started back in 2016, one of the arguments for having all content on layer 1 without the ability to remove or edit the content, was related to the rewards: When content gets rewarded in monetary terms, the content shall remain accessible by the public.

What is your view regarding rewards given to content which is removed later by the user?

What I wonder is how Hive and blockchains will scale if, for example, Hive get to the size of Facebook. I am doing my part and pinning my own content on IPFS, and I think people should consider that, and also platforms, such as @threespeak or @dtube and even Hive front-ends should start thinking about how to help people, more easily and clearly, host their own content. 3Speak has the desktop app, where we can pin our own content, and that is great! DTube shows the IPFS hash, and that is also great, but there is always room for UI/UX to grow, so it becomes more and more frictionless for people to understand how, and why, to host their own content and contribute to decentralization. I am down to doing my part

but there is always room for UI/UX to grow

I absolutely agree. There aren't a lot of good UI/UX/Product designers in web3 space. Getting progressively better of course.


Pretty sure you quoted Yoda right at the end there.

Keep up the good work.