SPK Network Live AMA

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Contributing SPK Network communitiy memebers @bobinson @vaultec @starkerz @theycallmedan answer questions live about the SPK Network.

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Super proud of all that @Vaultec is doing for this project ❤️ was a blast and very well hosted 👌 thanks for answering my questions and the tips 👍

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I stayed past bedtime to listen in and glad I did.

Just my 2 cents, I know there's some contention on the token names... after giving it some thought, I personally think it is because there are three at one go that's creating the confusion and with time, we'd know what's what...
I appreciate the willingness to change them, that says a lot about the team ... but I don't think there's a need for it. Just clearcut instructions/tutorials on what's what ;D

Just clearcut instructions/tutorials on what's what ;D.

💯 agree

I am eager to join this community. It seems interesting. How do I join it.

Can we do live streams yet ?

and log in with keychain :) both would be nice :D

good AMA, now I know how token works :) Overall an interesting plan. I hope it works out If the average user will host content. Because I think this point could be tricky at the start.

Video/picture are needed for web3, so I think it can be a major point for future infrastructure :)

That great community love to see 💕❤

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