Community Token Talk - CTT - Episode 8

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Community Token Talk - CTT - the cutting edge of the new Web 3.0 world - Episode 8

Main segment

Jack on web3:

BTC stimulus worth:

BTC distribution:

world less insane:

Pomp kicked off YouTube

The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 54-ish w/ TheyCallMeDan & Starkerz:

Starkerz Interview with Robert:


I've done 2 interviews, and I am looking to do more, with people who are passionate about Hive, either from the technology side, or from its transformative power to enable people. I recently saw two stories from people who changed their lives after starting to be creators on Hive.

This one, from @starstrings01, talks about how he's honed his skills as a content creator and music maker, and how the money he's earned on Hive have helped him buy new gear.

Now, I can basically afford all my needs with my activities on Hive. A big fact is that, what I earn on Hive a week is more than what most Nigerians earn from working 7am to 7pm everyday in a month; Not to talk about my earnings in a month.

Moreover, being able to onboard my friends and support them (special thanks to ocd incubation program) has given me more respect from them. I love the fact I get to support them and motivate them to be active often both in engagement and writing.

So not only is Hive improving the quality of life for people, it is motivating them to bring more content creators onto the network, which is a fabulous force which will grow the community and make the chain more and more valuable.

Similarly, @victoriabsb writes about how she is able to buy a car, both from her Hive earnings but also from a loan that she was able to secure with another Hive user. They published their contract together on the Hive blockchain for its immutability.

Shit We Found - @eddiespino @howo testing for Hive

Getting to know Hive, and the people who make it great.

Comments From Last Week


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  • First main tasks to follow. Check out our MVP for our task setting platform at

  • We will reward the first commenter to add timestamps, content URL and content creator hive username where relevant.

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Hello @theycallmedan, thank you very much for the mention and the support on that post. I ran crazily happy and was screaming at the top of my voice after seeing your massive vote on the post. I never really expected it nor expected to make such rewards on my posts. My eyes got wet that night and was filled with joy in my heart ❤️.

Thank you very very much 🙏🤗☺️…

You deserve it man. You are a powerhouse. @tripode disappeared, I thought she was just busy but now I think you ate her and stole her superpowers.

We need lots of good orcas and you are on your way.

@tripode got busy with her masters but she has not gone completely. When she’s back, we would continue to great things here. I always text her that I miss her a lot. She’s actually my biggest drive here. My powerhouse.

Well you are holding the torch for her. It’s understandable that people get busy. I’ll welcome her back when she returns

Smiles. I think she’s back already… Hoping to get a post from her soon.

That was a super fun podcast to record. You guys are on a mission. The energy is infectious.

Yeah.. Do you still have the interview in mind. How can we make it happen?

I have scheduled a date...on what platform would the meeting be done..

Streamyard, I'll send the details. Talk soon!

One of the end goals of Value 4 Value in Podcasting 2.0 is absolutely to go into music. Already there has been one album released as an RSS feed with the band each getting a split in the value block!

@robertdouglass we're all building the future.

🔥 🔥 🔥 do your thing @brianoflondon. what you are doing is exactly what I mean when I say we should step up our game.

That's awesome. I've got about 6 hours of albums in the back catalog that I want to re-release. When you and I do our interview - hint hint - we can get into details =)

I've had two huge interviews in the last week :-) As soon as everyone stops being sick of the sound of my own voice we'll schedule a time!

Thank you for the mention here it's so great having an awesome community here to connect with and get to know. Look forward to making more content for Hive, 3speak etc. Keep up the great work on the dev side!

I must admit that you are really a very optimistic personality and I have learnt a lot from your unique and keen interest in ensuring that #hive is where it is today.

It's really been a while since I have been absent due to all the work and engagement. Coming back to see that you still have the vibe, is really something worth commendable.

Kudos to all those as well that have really geared hive till this moment. You all are the true heroes.

I will continue to promote #hive as much as I can. There is more to he accomplished and I am happy to be part of this community.

Looking forward to a greater and brighter days ahead.

Well done.

Very exciting episode - I am happy to have found these open conversations and plan to go back and listen to the first several episodes.

I want to get on one of these episodes!

Jack Jack oh Jack… I suspect he’s one of us deep down but he’s surrounded himself with power hungry investors and complainy complainers and that effects his view of what is possible and how to build moving forward.

“Oops we accidentally got richer” lol

No one take Nigeria lightly. That country has a special kind of energy, Hive has opened my eyes to that. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to get to know so many people there.

I don’t think we should assume that Web 3.0 is in the bag. It’s only in the bag if we bring our best game. We are doing alright so far but I hope we can step it up 🔥 🔥

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

I learned a lot from this video about tokens

Keep up the good work @theycallmedan

For Sure, for sure, the Yooo Show :)

@theycallmedan / @starkerz Thanks for the shout-out, hit me up any time if you guys want to get some more drinks hahahaha

Thanks for this awesome CTT episode, @theycallmedan & @robertdouglass ! The parts about how Hive is embodying Web3 and the huge potential for self- and decentralized funding are the ones that attracted me more, and blew my mind 😀.

By the way, speaking of the VC world (the "Vicious Circled" one 😉), have you read the herebelow press release? It seems Facebook anticipated a bit too much their disastrous rebranding, lol:

Facebook stole our name 2.jpg


eso desearía yo trabajar solo para Hive desarrollando contenido de calidad, tengo confianza en el proyecto y en la moneda...