Community Token Talk - CTT - the cutting edge of the new Web 3.0 world - Episode 7

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Community Token Talk - CTT - the cutting edge of the new Web 3.0 world - Episode 7

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  • Instagram Facebook what’s app all out. Everyone moving to telegram. Just use hive

  • Hive pump

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    • We will reward the first commenter to add timestamps, content url and content creator hive user name where relevant.

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    You know, I think the HIVE reward system is quite interesting and innovative, however, the other day I was talking to a friend of mine who is a content creator on other platforms and he was telling me that it would be great if there was a mechanism on Hive that would continue to reward the author after the article/video expires, I understand that the current reward system motivates you to create new content constantly but it would not be a bad idea to think of a way to generate some extra benefit in order to make even more atractive the idea of joining this blockchain, maybe getting an alternative token that would encourage new members to get on board, this is my humble opinion

    There was the idea put forward that the 7 day window just restarts after it ends. In this way posts would always be open for more votes. But I am not sure if there is a problem with this idea on a technical level as well as for exploitation reasons, but I think it should get more exposure

    If the posts were rewarded forever the reward pool would be exploded and Hive/hbd's debt would increase astronomically causing big problems to the platform's economy, however an alternative token could be given (a new token) that would serve to reward the author when the 7 day window expires. The thing is, there is very valuable content that deserves to be rewarded for more than 7 days. The idea is that the author gets benefits even if it is little but constant for a post that will always be available on the Blockchain.

    okay that makes sense. I guess there is the tipping option with peakd that is still underused, but a token would also be an idea 👍

    Good morning, Good morning, Good morning,


    and the most funny would be, Hey- Hey- Hey- :D

    Downvoting, special on opinions can really remove the fun. I think to make it anon would be cool in some places but on another, it can increase downvotes massive by default on average posts.

    If it would spread more, not sure how this would turn out. Would be interesting if some Tribe would test those parameters.

    But not sure it would be possible on a Tribe, because 1 vote is hammered on hive chain for all tribes for now. So it must be another L2 for testing.

    Thanks for reading out my previous comment. Just started listening to the Community TOken Talks Show and I find it interesting (It is always nice to hear your perspective on things). I will like to touch on a few things about today's discussion.

    First I think we should stop giving Dan credit for hive. As you mentioned, hive is a community effort and no one owns it. Dan has disassociated himself from the project long before it was born, so I don't see reasons why he gets tagged on matters relating to hive.

    Secondly, the hive pump. It was nice seeing hive hit a new all-time high and I think we will have similar price actions more frequently in the nearest future. Things are really kicking off here and from every angle.

    Thirdly, I want to commend the hive marketing team. I saw the brave ads yesterday which I posted on Twitter. I might get involved in one of their initiatives as I recently reached out to lordbutterfly on twitter.

    Also, looking forward to the claim drop. Going to create some buzz around it in the hivenaija community, hopefully, other community members start to stake those hive coins--including myself. Cheers!

    I was pretty weird to see Dan L. talking so poorly about something that he helped create. I think the guy is starting to Crack, as he wonders what could have been.. the problem is, is that just like Ned or Justin, he wants to be THE ONE.

    Yooo! Don't worry @starkers we got chu fam! Thanks for gitten another one out Dan!

    Anyone who wants to help me posting 3speak/SPKnetwork clips to YouTube, just get with me.. and we'll start workin!

    Yooo! Don't worry @starkers we got chu fam! Thanks for gitten another one out Dan!

    Anyone who wants to help me posting 3speak/SPKnetwork clips to YouTube, just get with me.. and we'll start workin!

    I have a question about the SPKnetwork claimdrop/snapshot. is HBD in the savings account really not going to be considered for the airdrop?

    Dan you make some great content but CTT is designed as a duet, not a solo act.

    It would be like George without Gracie or Martin without Lewis.

    Matt is definitely missed. He is part of the lifeblood of this show. Hurry back soon mate.


    So an account that is getting every post downvoted to ZERO is going to happy if they pretend they don't know which account is downvoting them?

    Yeah right...

    I have powered down nearly 1/4 million HP this year because of downvoting... I've had a gutsful of it.

    It is effectively censoring the Hive blockchain and supporting the globalist agenda.

    true, that's an issue. But I think it is also on point that PoB does not work when everything is transparent (for fear of retaliation etc.). We still have to figure this one out

    Fear of retaliation? - the downvotes are coming from whales who are censoring content. They don't give a toss about retaliation - they have 100 times the voting power of the accounts they are bullying.

    well in a way censoring is not correct, but I know what you mean. I guess it could get better with a better distribution; and Dan said you can start your own community token.... obviously this might not be so helpful

    Whales decide what content is encouraged and what is driven off the platform - just like they always did on Steemit.

    If 94 people upvote and one whale slams the rewards down to zero - that not only wipes the authors rewards, it also wipes all the upvoters curation rewards. So 95 people are pissed off and one whale gets a hard on.

    As a blogger being downvoted, and a curator having my votes deleted, why would I choose to stay invested in Hive? They can say it's not censorship, and they have been saying that for 5 years - but ultimately the content creators leave, and the investors pull their investment out.

    We have already done all this on Steemit...

    That is why my focus is now on Proof Of Brain. But this is not the way to grow a platform, it's the way to sustain a network of total corruption.


    that is true, a bigger stake gets a bigger vote. This is probably not the best system we can come up with, but so far I haven't seen a better one. Is there one?

    But I can also say after 4 years on Steem/Hive that it has gotten much better for users in general. We have much better curation and there are many more dolphins/orcas which play an important role in curation. There will always be cases where people will be treated unfairly and it sucks if it happens to oneself (I know how that feels as well).

    Can this conflict be resolved? Have you talked about the people that have/are downvoting you? Did they have a reason for doing so or are they just bad players?

    The conflict can be resolved by me posting only approved content, and never mentioning downvoting, and not interacting with accounts that they don't like...

    Screw that.

    Well, I think making upvotes/downvotes public just makes things political, esp when there is monetary value at stake. I don't believe anonymizing voting on the base layer alone would solve all, nothing will. But we can combine this with the "free counter upvote" I spoke about in my recentish post about PoB. There are also other things we can do, we are maturing, and this is all novel, so it will take some time to work out issues.

    It's always been political. It is all about power and control.

    It would not "take time to work out issues" - Well it would take about 5 minutes, rather than 5 years, if the desire to do so was there. Which it isn't...

    My solution: Make the maximum downvote value equal to the average upvote value for the post.

    Will that ever be done? Not on this

    that seems like an interesting idea... as you seem to have proposed it before, what happened? nobody listened? These things take time for adoption and since it would require a hf, it isn't easy to change it. Have you made a post about it?

    Yes from time to time for the past five years...but it would interfere with controlling content and taking money from the reward pool

    I think we're on the right track with literally everything.

    What I think would help if you guys made an educational and yet simple video explaining how #SPK network works.

    I know that most of the crypto heads understand the concept but regular users might have trouble grasping it. In case there's already something similar, would you mind dropping a link?

    I've cread the White paper but Im not sure if I understand it entirely.

    fantastic one Dan! If we were a cult, you'd definitely be our leader ;D

    Thank you very much for the mention @theycallmedan , I still have a lot to learn about the world of cryptocurrencies, I hope to contribute a lot to our hive ecosystem.
    Greeting 🙌🏻

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    To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

    Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

    Feedback from the October 1st Hive Power Up Day

    One of the beauties of Hive is its simplicity of use. The use of the Spknetwork is becoming more and more complicated. Any plans to simplify everything???

    Went to and couldn't find where to sign with my Hive account.

    Sign up to with your email/password then you attach your hive account to it. Can attach as many hive accounts to one email login as you'd like. We are working on direct keychain login.

    Good to know, thank you.

    Check the drop down menu, I have my hive account linked with 3speak. And I am able to log in with my email address/password aswell.


    Thanks @theycallmedan for the mentioning 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    I love the steel desk analogy, Dan. Floppy-ass Ikea desks get outta here! Solid fundamentals.

    I find rewarding HIVE very interesting and innovative !

    This reward encourages me to constantly create new content and be passionate about it, but I also like to see newer ideas like competing between two similar content

    Thanks for the shout out, Dan

    A little bit cheeky there.

    Yeah, I was playing dumb game on Dan L. on tweet to be able to persuade him to talk about Hive, in my mind, whatever they say on Hive whether it good or bad is still has positive impact at the end of the day(just like what you are telling to us).

    It is still fresh in our mind that Hive was born out of drama, a battle of the community vs a CCP dictator, we learned that more drama = more eyeballs = more marketing. When I saw Dan L. tweet response, I immediately approach you because I know you have far more reach and can handle this situation magnificently that turns out a very impressive in short time drama that resulted as a marketing for Hive. We love leveraging the situations for the benefits of Hive, and I am so proud of our community. Cheers Dan

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