Twitter Madness Campaign - Week 2 Highlights // Earn Hive For Your Tweets!

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Week 2 Highlights

The following are some of the tweet highlights from week 2:





Many congratulations to the above participants (@eugelys, @r0nd0n, @samgiset , @clivemartin) for winning this week.

Please post the "Proof of Work" in order to get rewarded. You can drop the screenshots & links of this week's twitter activity under this blog. Highlights from the current week will be mentioned in the subsequent week's blog. This step is mandatory in order to get the rewards!

Twitter Madness Campaign - How To Participate

An ongoing Twitter Madness Campaign was launched in order to contribute to the growth of HIVE & 3Speak. Twitter is a place where we can quickly reach out to the victims of censorship, especially those coming from YouTube. They can benefit greatly from the the free speech & censorship resistant properties of 3Speak (and HIVE). With your help, we can reach out to many creators, grab their attention and direct them towards our platform.

If you want to take part & monetize your tweets then please jump into our discord server and support the tweets published in #twitter-madness channel.


Every Week the top 4 users tweeting about 3speak will be rewarded with 25 HIVE each

All instructions provided in this blog:

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Thank you! ✨☺️ Congratulations to the other winners. I like creating videos and I love 3speak's philosophy, it is a pleasure for me to share the information of with the world. 3speak to the moon!

Awesome. Congratulations on winning @samgiset.

Freakin awesome, I've loved getting involved with @threespeak. Been using it now for almost 3 weeks and definatly have full intentions of doing a lot more to bring people over here. Massive well done to @eugelys @r0nd0n @samgiset. Feels great to rub shoulders with you legends, awesome!

dance party.png

Haha. That's so amazing to know @clivemartin. We are happy to have your support. :)

thank you @threespeak we are going take this platform to the masses and showcase what we have. Working on a few ideas to spread the work and i recognise a whole bunch of talented people here that can make that happen and together we are unstoppable. The more people we attract the greater value we all have so lets turn it up and get this party rockin :)

Congrats! :)

I am coming back after 3 days without internet (such a looong time to me) and I get this awesome surprise ¡So great!

I love spreading the word about 3Speak!

Thanks a lot and congrats to all the winners!

Congratulations @eugelys. It's great to have your support. Please keep doing that. ;)

hive twitter promo 1.JPG

hive twitter promo 1.JPG

hive twitter promo.JPG


Feel free to download :)

3speak twitter.JPG

Congratulations to all the winners. We will keep spreading the word, 3speak is the channel, Hive is our home.

@tolustx, don't forget to share your tweets in the comment section of this blog and participate on future Twitter Madness Campaigns. For more details, join our discord and telegram ;) some Love!
And this means nothing to you..?
My second attempt to ask:
If i upload to 3speak, i don't see the post gettin #threespeak automatically anymore
on the That was different 2 weeks ago... right?

Congratulation to the winners. Hopefully more and more people will come here and be a part of the community. ♥

Can I find out in more detail what needs to be done to be eligible to be considered as a participant?

@cranium all you have to do is follow the instructions in this post and Come join us at Twitter Madness in our discord and like, comment on tweets. Then drop your tweet links in the comments of this post.

Woooah, this great idea to bring this community outside and showcase how @threespeak can solve real world problem. Definitely will participating on this. Thanks!

Looking forward to your participation @fatimajunio. More details can be found here:


Congratulations to the entire team for the excellent work they are doing at @threespeak Also I want to congratulate the highlights of the week @eugelys, @ r0nd0n, @samgiset, @clivemartin
Let the successes continue

Thank You!✨

Congratulations to the winner. Let get this things going and getting global.

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Congratulations to all winners 🍷🍷

I will participate this time :D

Congratulations to all winners!

This is a greatest idea, excellent initiative, i will try it.

hi @threespeak . is there any upgrade in threespeak? Cause I don't see my last threespeak post in my hive blog?

Hello @tapu333, Is it uploaded on 3Speak's website but not visible on hive?

yes. Its uploaded on 3speak but in hive it's not visible.

hi @threespeak I just want to thank you responding. Now everything is ok. All the 3speak visible on my blog. thanks again.

Una maravillosa ruta por llevar a hive a todas las esquinas.
Que estupendo proyecto que nos compartes mi querida @eugelys, por eso llegue aqui @threespeak buscando mejores espacios. Me encanta. Todavia hay muchos amigos y vecinos por allí sin descubrir esta plataforma. Un abrazo.