Twitter Madness Campaign - Week 22 Highlights // Earn Hive (via Upvotes) For Your Tweets!

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Week 22 Highlights

The following are some of the tweet highlights from the last week:





Please post the "Proof of Work" in order to get rewarded, if you haven't done already. You can drop the screenshots & links of this week's twitter activity under this blog. Highlights from the current week will be mentioned in the subsequent week's blog. This step is mandatory in order to get the rewards!

Twitter Madness Campaign - How To Participate

An ongoing Twitter Madness Campaign was launched in order to contribute to the growth of HIVE & 3Speak. Twitter is a place where we can quickly reach out to the victims of censorship, especially those coming from YouTube. They can benefit greatly from the the free speech & censorship resistant properties of 3Speak (and HIVE). With your help, we can reach out to many creators, grab their attention and direct them towards our platform.
If you want to take part & monetize your tweets then please jump into our discord server and support the tweets published in #twitter-madness channel.


Rewards will be given in the form of upvotes at our discretion. Every Week we will feature your tweets in weekly highlights blog like this one.

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It's really pleasing to me that again one of my tweets found a place here. Congratulations to the rest.

HERE is my Proof of Work-

The call...

The promotion...

Yeah buddies!!💪💪💪

Great work to the winners this week!

I made this for this week:

Hope that you enjoy it!

Here is my tweet for the vlog about #hivechat on US election.

Special edition whithout call...

My debut on my channel. Grateful.

Congo to the winners !!

Hive on !!

Here's a Tweet of min -

Here's my proof of work on twitter.

Keep up the Hivechat going :)

Decided I will not miss out on the #TwitterMadness fun!

Here's mine! :)

Awesome initiative, just waiting for Facebook to be added. Twitter just doesn't interest me, and I'm already stretched so thin on various social media platforms, the last thing I need is one more. I think Facebook would've been a lot better platform to onboard Hivers, and I still share a lot of #posh links on Facebook, but there is little incentive to do so.

No POSH tokens are awarded for Facebook shares, and the Hive community doesn't even monitor Facebook Hive activity as far as I know. Somebody once said that the coding to monitor Hive shares on Facebook was more difficult than Twitter. Either way, I nearly joined Twitter just for Hive, then the hack happened, so don't think I will be messing with Twitter anytime soon.

Keep up the good work, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, any platforms we can spread the word on are benficial.