my work on hive #1 ( in the making)

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Hey there fellow Hivers! I am going to make videos about my current hive projects, post drafts and other things I want to share related to hive and this is the first one of this kind. This time I show you a sneak peak of a new way of posting tutorials onto the hive blockchain provided by @diyhub.

If you dont know @diyhub: We are a collective of hivers who are running a curation initiative called diyhub since Feb 2020 and we suppprt hundrets of people every month. This initiative is fully non-profit which means that all the curation rewards we generate with our votes are payed out to the delegators of the project. If you want to support us on our mission to encourage creative people on hive and those who transport knowhow in form of tutorials then feel free to delegate to us! Make sure to read more about us in our community: and dont miss our recurring curation reports just like this one:

Also I am talking about a post I am currently writing and a little bit about my cat mishu as well ;) Stick to the end to hear a calm purrrrrrrrr ;)



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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @ashikstd, @semarekha ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Me getting a mention here is super "goosebumpy" 😅

Thank you sir 😊
Let's take DIYhub to the top where it belongs 🚀

Awww yeah I mean all of us are worth a mention but you are the hard working writer guy and you are doing a great job!

I came already pretty far today with the wiki by the way and i hope to finish it this year as a first iteration but can't promise thihi

Our rebranding will take some more time as well as I saw in the comments of the artist. He is away for 2 weeks. Don't know if I should inquire someone else.. will think about that.

See you in discord :)

Say hello to the cat too

He's so sweet 😊

So nice to see you in a video 🙌😀 So glad you can finally focus on something you enjoy doing and focus on #hive community 👍 I think it is a beautiful project you guys are working on😉 Can't wait for your post about you, so we get to know you a bit more. We miss you already and hope to see you soon 🙏

Awww thank you for your words and kind comment about the project! I miss you too already and yes we will see us back soon :) Perhaps this year I will go on a weekend roadtrip with my girlfriend to den haag. But no date set yet :)

Your initiative is really awesome
And it will really be a great site to visit... When is the launching date (can I be tagged it possible)

Your cat looks cute, feed her very well 😽😽

Hey there! Thank you for your comment and kind words :) The launching date is not set because I dont want to make unneeded pressure on myself :P But you will know since we will make a big wave for it when it's done. Also we will update our comments on curated content to point the people to this new site. If I remember I will mention your name in the post but no promisses :D But I promise that my cat mishu is well fed in our home - I even have to hold back some times to not give her too much :D

It's awesome I'll look forward to that
You are doing great, and I see the heart of gold there in you ...

It is awesome initiative brother.

Thank you for your work!

Hey there! We briefly met at Hivefest! It seems there have been a surge of people returning or refocusing on Hive or Hive related projects which is awesome! I am happy to learn that you are one of the people behind DIY hub. Perhaps, I will create something for this community as well since I love this kind of stuff. Looking forward to see where you take this project :)

Good luck! Are you an influencer now? ;)