The Last Episode (till next week)

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The Last Episode (till next week)

Yeah, I know, I'm a douchebag for that title.

But oh well!

We had a rather large range of topics over the course of these 3 hours. @thisnewgirl was fashionably late with her grand entrance in the final hour. Just teasing @thisnewgirl. We love you thats why we pick on ya like family.

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  • We never mention this, but our #1 fan, who is always in the chat and sometimes makes it to show before we do has his own site.

    Gemini - You can now find me and the show on Gemini!

    We didnt discuss Gemini on the show but I will be posting the show over there and will be talking about it (Gemini) on my new daily podcast starting this week. I will update you all with feeds and info later.

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