US Cops Inviting Civil War? USA Military/Police Shoot at Homeowners on Their Porch. US Is Great Yet?

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How dysfunctional is the culture in the USA? Take a look at this video - it is on par with pretty much any abuses from regions where the monopoly on violence has been controlled by criminal gangs calling themselves 'government'. Any intelligent security force, recognising the nation's instability due to THEIR OWN criminality and violent tendencies, would de-escalate things - but not America... The inherently toxic culture which has been celebrated and normalised for generations just keeps on abusing people in the name of 'freedom'.

Only 'anarchy' has the answers here. 'Anarchy' ONLY means 'no rulers' and therefore 'no artificial hierarchies'. The US constitution makes allowance for violence to be used to repel tyrannical government and police - they seem to either not care or openly invite civil war. See Larken Rose's video "When should you shoot a cop" for powerful historic and practical insights on this potentially life saving topic:


I'm Suing the White House, CIA, and DOJ. Really.

Click to watch 7 minutes,

hehe, good luck with that! :)

I usually watch this guy for entertainment, I was shocked when he announced this.

Glad to see you on HIVE!

It is a real disgrace. The Apocalypse is coming.

thats the location of the twitter account who took the footage above

They won't give up until they suffer enough casualties to make negotiations palatable.
As long as they can do that with impunity, this is what we get.

Freedom is not on the table, at the end of the day, the only solution offered by those that rule by force, is continued rule by force.

Hello, greetings from Peru - Latin America, but here in this part of the world, police officers are often not respected ..... It is a very different subject to the culture and rules of the laws of each state.

There's places where cops can get away with that shit.

Not here.

Folks open carry around here.

Do you know the context of this video? This isn't just some casual Sunday with police rolling down the street in humvees. The Left and Democrats are burning cities to the ground, killing people(cop in Oakland), in other words a national emergency, like the one Leftist Governors and mayors have you "sheltered in place". They were ordered, during a national emergency, to go back into their home, very reasonable giving the circumstances and VERY temporary.

No actions justify shooting peaceful homeowners in their property and treating them like tax cattle.