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RE: What Happened in Week 1 of Julian Assange's Extradition Hearing?

in Threespeak4 months ago

This case is paramount to democratic nations the world over. Here we have 2 of the world's leading 'free societies' or democracies completely flouting the rule of law at every turn to render their predetermined judgement on an award winning journalist who faces 175 years in jail for publishing war crimes. The entire process, from arbitrary detention at the embassy, UN rapporteur Milzner's report on this man's torture, lack of proper medical attention, the inhumane treatment inside Belmarsh supermax prison solitary confinement, the conflict of interest of the overseeing judge, not allowing JA to meet with his lawyers for more than 6 months, barring reporters and NGOs from the courtroom, the secret grand jury evidence process and evidence, the silence from the news media... it's an embarrassment and a tragedy.

I have been reading the transcripts whenever I get a chance. The actual court proceedings and arguments being heard are fascinating.
Thanks for covering this, as very few are paying attention at the moment.