🌎🌎🌎 Cross Culture Question: What kind of stereotypes do people have about your country? Do you think they are true or not?🌎🌎🌎

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Cross Culture Questions is a chance to get to know more about each other’s culture and dive into the deep topic that is culture, whether it be the culture of a country, a minority, a sub-culture or any collection of people. Hive across Culture is a community for discussing any aspect of any culture, cultural analysis, culture shock, comparison, or any aspects of a culture or country or language. All bilingual posts are welcome too.

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Last week:
Last week's question was " What was the biggest culture shock you have ever experienced?". We didn't have as many submissions as last time... but here they are!

Life in the UAE: My Biggest Culture Shock

By @arrliinn
A user I would like to get to know better...this post about her first time in the UAE where women walk backwards apparently!

Mystery bread 🍞 🍞 🍞 and the mysteriously furious cashier

By @whatamidoing

This is a story I love telling, when words stop working, even when you are speaking the same language....

Since we didn't have many submissions, I will share some of this posts rewards with some recent contributors to this community:

This weeks question:

What kind of stereotypes do people have about your country? Do you think they are true or not?

When we say β€œyour country” it can be the country you were born in, the country you live in, or the country you feel home in. Feel free to share positive or negative stereotypes, to share both might be the most balanced, but it's up to you. Be as honest as you can, we want to know your true feelings. Just remember the goal here is to build bridges so try to refrain from being too harsh. ;-)


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  • Share your honest opinion but try to be respectful of others too!
  • Deadline: 10/2

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Thanks for the mention! I'm sure going to make time to participate in this week's question.

you are a great addition to this community! Always welcome. Looking forward to your submission πŸ˜€

People think does from Nigeria are all gangsters and criminals, but they are wrong

200 million people...no way they can all be gangsters πŸ˜‚. One of the things I’m most grateful for about Hive is giving me a connection to Africa so I can meet many wonderful people there. And so many are from Nigeria

Awww, thank you

Ohh I missed the Culture shock question, but I will answer this one for sure. Thank you

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