CLEANPLANET crowdfunding campaign: challenge 9/9 - your favorite crowdfunding tool?

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Is it easier to convince 3 million people to donate € 1 or to find a sponsor who will donate € 3 million for CLEANPLANET?

There are many ways to participate in a crowdfunding campaign or earn a few tokens. On Hive or Telos, the transaction fees are free, so you can easily transfer 5 Hive or 10 TLOS to CLEANPLANET.

Participant engagement remains the key point! There are so many projects to fund. In the end, this is rather good news. Triggering the act of donation requires a considerable amount of communications, design, and control tools.

Apparently our campaign did not meet all of these criteria! CLEANPLANET remains a project of the future, the current funds allow to reward all the people who wish to collect waste and preserve the environment.

Obviously we want to go faster and you can help us.

Challenge 9/9: what is your favorite crowdfunding tool?

Among the many existing tools, which one seems best suited to you?
You can earn some tokens by answering this question.

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The Hive CLEANPLANET account is @cleanplanet.
The CLEANPLANET account is @cleanplanet.
The Seeds CLEANPLANET account is clean4planet.
BTC address: 1N9mvXdUVp6FKc7uZtsz6hpkc9BbauMVJr
Ethereum address: 0xC0b92055Aa0CE4c4727dE5104a78cA52c1Dc5030

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Use the Paypal app on and the address [email protected]

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Thank you and see you soon for a new crowdfunding campaign!