Minting your NFTs on the TEZOS blockchain at Kalamint

If you’re an artist like me and produce artworks to mint as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that can be sold for cryptocurrency on the blockchain, then you are part of the cutting edge of society at this point in history. And if you are not impressed by the overly excessive gas fees charged by greedy miners on the Ethereum blockchain, then you will be happy to hear that I have found another new outlet for NFT artworks on TEZOS. It’s called KALAMINT.

spiral fractal art pixa.jpg

Whether you think the ETH miners are charging extortionist fees or not, nobody likes to pay such high tax. They are digging their own graves – or should I say mining them because new EIP (Ethereum improvement proposals) are emerging that will change the miner fee system and ideally scrap it when ETH moves to PoS (proof of stake) and away from PoW (proof of work). I am not prepared to pay the fees to launch my NFT shop on OpenSea or Rarible etc on the ETH blockchain because I am philosophically and economically opposed to the high miner fees.

This fee system is against the whole philosophy of cryptocurrency which is to empower the masses, not continue to stuff the pockets of those who are already wealthy. ETH is broken in my opinion and Vitalik Buterin and Co need to fix their broken system quickly. They are looking like con to me.

Until then we have other options, like the TEZOS blockchain where we can mint, buy and sell our NFTs without the excessive fees. That sounds like a nice slogan which I am promoting. If you want to use it you can, free of copyright.


It has a nice rhyme to it and appeals to the poet and wordsmith in me. KALAMINT appears to be the place where we actually have a community-owned public marketplace for our NFTs. Now I can make my art and not worry about agents wanting their pound of flesh, as in the old legacy systems where the artist is screwed by the middle men. ETH has become one of those middle men, denying especially the third world the use of OpenSea etc due to the high entry level gas fee. Who would have imagined?

At Kalamint the community has a say and the KALA utility token can be staked to actually receive a percentage of the platform fees which are used in payments. Artworks are still sold for TEZOS tokens but artists can join what they call “the Guild” and verify new artists quickly. Staking is incentivized and your voice is heard as a result regarding any proposals.

The KALA token is hard capped at 10 million and the tokenomics details can be found in this Medium article if you want more details Of the 10 million, only 2.6% will be made available in the initial circulating supply and the system design looks quite water tight and legit to me. The NFT gallery already has several artists displaying their artworks for sale for anything from 1 TEZOS (($5,62) to 100 TEZOS and maybe more. You can mint 1of1 or multiple editions of your artwork if you like.

Both still image art and video format is accepted, as with any NFT platform and I plan to try minting some of my original artworks there. I will let you know how it goes. The NFT market may have cooled off slightly after the initial hype earlier this year, but the ball is rolling and art as well as blockchain technology has made massive strides forward with the NFT revolution.

At least there are alternative options to the extortionist ETH blockchain. I don’t like the way the system there has been hijacked by miners demanding such high fees, like highwaymen or galley agents used to do in the old legacy systems. It’s not a good look guys. So check out the TEZOS Kalamint gallery and let me know what you think.

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Ah, cool! I had kalamint in mind for a while now, too, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm on OpenSea and NFTShowroom now, and two platforms are already a lot ^^ I don't produce very fast.
I see a lot of people minting on that other Tez platform hicetnunc. It doesn't look as pretty as kalamint and has some other downsides unfortunately, but it seems to get a lot of attention at the moment.
I also thinking about applying for the new platform on Cardano called lovada. It's still in development, but it looks quite promising.

Good luck! I'm looking forward to read about your experiences on Kalamint!

Hey Anafae, great to see you here today. I know what you mean - so many platforms and we can only put out artwork on one, so which one will get it sold we wonder. If you are already on OpenSea with paid shop open, then that is the biggest and best it seems.

I have heard of Hicetnunc but not tried it yet, hearing about the problems there. Lovada sounds interesting as the Cardano blockchain is looking very good overall. I will report on any progress I make with Kalamint for sure if I mint any artworks there.

Wishing you successful sales.

I just minted something on hicetnunc the other day. Had some problems at first but I could figure it out and now it seems to work fine. I think the best part about this platform is that is seems to have quite a good community of artists. Many artists starting collections there themselves because it's so super cheap to mint and most of the art is quite cheap as well. So it's actually a lot of fun, quite similar to early days of nft-showroom :)
I'm gonna put my fun little drawings up there, I was looking for a good place for them anyway, and I think hicetnunc is perfect for it.

All the best to you, too! It's always interesting to read about your journey in the weird nft-art-world! <3

I hear what your saying about ETH, get the same vibe my self, I have 1 track on opensea but that was just impulse and I can still feel the sting . much happier wit NFTShowroom because I have a good vibe about Hive . I might checkout Kala a swell though.