What is survival if you do not survive whole?

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All attributions to 'man' in this article reference to all humanity and this includes females - not segregating or placing one gender above another - as both are capable of equal levels of sentience which represents the true purpose of humanity.

Let's re-jig some definitions before we start:

Man - the full purpose of humanity.

Demon (de-man or demi-man) - a half-purpose that can aid in the full purpose but is not representative of the full purpose in and of itself.

(for all intensive purposes please do not associate the spiritual reference of 'demon' with the way demon is used in this article. Though the two definitions may be interchangeable at times - entering the spiritual reference often causes logically minded people to switch off. I simply ask those people to look at this phenomenon from the non-spiritual psycho-philosophical perspective).

(Thanks @katharsisdrill for some great art!)

An insecurity deeply conditioned into human behaviour manifests as identity

This can start at a small scale through a generation: the father grew up in a home where there was not enough food and thereby was forced by his parents to behave in a certain way in order to survive which suppressed a free identity - this created an insecurity which he then passed onto his son in a time when food was not scarce - the son then overcompensates his behaviour from this insecurity and goes on to become a master trade merchant because his father's issue passed onto him was related to lack of control of his environment so he sets himself on a surefire path by which he can never not have control of his environment ever again - and in this, seeing that he won't personally live forever - he sets his family on a dynastic role in order to cement this control over his environment on the long-term - no matter how much his environment changes - even if it is no longer a threat. The cycle of repression replication has been cemented within the conditioning of his family.

This insecurity then cements itself as an identity which is passed on and in time, control of a country is acquired and a culture is developed and you have an entire nation that over a span of hundreds of years was developed solely from one human's insecurity drawn from an experience of lack sometime in the past.

This is a demon.

Demons come in many shapes and forms:
Corporations, nations, governments, banking cartels, controlling fathers or mothers, 36 year old children (lol).

Demons are insecurity complexes projected onto the environment around us, the world and the greater social environment of greater humanity.

Demons sit like a psycho-spiritual cancer within an individual's psyche.

The desire for security is the author of the most heinous behaviours. Fear, in other words, is the creative force here.



-- Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse Dune

When enough demons accumulate on earth we have battles between power conglomerations.

One power over another - to eventually form an 'amoeba' power - or a single celled - single owned and operated control system.

An all uniting, hierarchically structured, all powerful demon at the top of the pyramid of which there can only be One.

This is the end of all aims to control, to appease insecurity, to seek to put an end to all fears though using fear as the creative force.

It could be said that all lesser demons are children of this greater future demon which is the inevitable oneness future for all demons.

This future demon which owns and is above everyone and everything - is The Beast.

(Thanks again to @katharsisdrill - Obviously I'm a fan)

The Beast

The Beast here, again, does not have to be a spiritual reference or a biblical one or related to magick.

Please - logically minded people, don't go away now...

We are simply talking of unconsciousness. Non-conscious behaviour.

The Beast is the anti-thesis to the human.

The aim of the human is willful consciousness and in this sits a possibility with a path set for eternal life.

There is no true aim to The Beast besides control and it has no map as to how to navigate itself once it has attained absolute control.

It will simply consume until there is nothing.

In this - it is the ultimate aid for humanity in finding the path to true freedom.


Survival is the noblest of causes.

I do not mean survival of the body or survival of a culture or survival as a demon, as an insecurity - I mean survival as the innate principles of what it is to retain willful consciousness. This in turn becomes the purpose to culture and/or create environments both natural and social in which the most honest definition of free-will can exist and in this the pursuit of refining that definition.

Free will as it is labeled now in modern western thought is only an ideal: A choice in the supermarket of life - one cereal over another.


Free-will is possible

It can be seen through avid observation of the self that real free-will is possible.

It requires an entire willful constant approach to the responsibility of life and its environment.

Your capacity for free will is only as good as the tools you have in your shed.

If you haven't taken the time to hone your mind or understand your reality - how can you exercise free-will?

The wool is too easily pulled over your eyes.

Demons force us to sharpen our tools as they look for holes in our purpose by which to inhabit and grow from.

(Source: @katharsisdrill)

Environments generate demons

From small beginnings, environments generate demons - demons generate cultures and nations - nations fight one another for supremacy - a global conglomeration is eventually created and once this peak of global conglomeration has been reached - it is not a land of freedom - it is the ultimate point of tension held at the edge of the point of a needle - only chaos can ensue from there.

It is infinitely hard and an impossible endeavor to hold all power of all beings on the pin point of a needle for very long.

This eye of the needle many will be forced to walk through will cause an explosion.

An indefinite infinitely expanding point at which everything will become possible again.

The cycles of consciousness predict it so. And it will be done.

For a moment, we discard our present definitions of identity.

We can in this time choose to fight the true fight of the survival of true humanity while demons fight and fight and win and lose and war.

But once the cycles is seen - there becomes a choiceless choice to be made.

To commit all life to the aims of humanity.

To the survival of the human without repressions.

To the creation of environments where free-will can be explored again.

It is said,
Even the darkest of dictators love their children.




Thank you for such an interesting viewpoint, I have been contemplating similar subject, but from a different lens, this one integrates very well in my understanding of it today, bless you!

Especially this nuance is very powerful:

it has no map as to how to navigate itself once it has attained absolute control.

And Ohhh YES YES YES 🙌 to this:

If you haven't taken the time to hone your mind or understand your reality - how can you exercise free-will?

Right now I am diving in the Pharaonic Mind and discover how the Ancients were aware of the world, cosmos and the inherent functions behind it all.. Decolonizing the corrupted files in the brain he

Great post and I appreciate the simplicity with which you took us down that illustration,

Hi, thanks for coming and having a read and giving a thoughtful comment!

I wish you the best on your quest to decolonize your mind.

A suggestion from myself is to veer away from self-deifying belief systems and come back to simplicity.

It is the simple things we often forget run the world underneath it all.

A breath meditation maintained in awareness throughout the day willfully in all activities is adequate for self-reflection leading to a sharp mind.



Hi Monty,
Many thanks for your reply and your pointing out of simplicity.. it really is the key, as I am being aware of more and more. Involving Awareness in all of it, already every movement becomes sacred.
Not sure if you meant something in particular with the self-deification, don't hesitate to specify; I am aware of the delusions of grandeur in self-discovery yet had gone in a self-negating path in response to that, I described that a bit in my last post. Finding the balance now, impersonality helps a lot :)

No worries - It is a sensitive work this self work, we are sensitive beings!

Will check out the post you mention.

In love,


Cheers, mate! I have to give this some more time to absorb it fully, but I think I agree with the vibe. Authentic life and the sense of freedom is the holy grail innit.

Glad you came around and am not completely offended! lol

I feel in your art that you have an innate understanding of this dark dimension as it illustrates in feel the way I think about the control mechanisms of this world.

I do hope that is a compliment.

Anyways, let me know your further thoughts when you have the time.


No, not offended at all :) As I read it you are seeing the world from an existentialist position when battling the old problem of the social nature of humans and the dream of human emancipation. I have had similar thoughts, much bad comes from the social dynamics of humans and especially from envy and minority complexes - both of these are insecurities, but of course not the only ones. The need for danger, domination or submission can lead to bad things, the same can trauma and angst.

I tend to just watch and learn from the first few iterations. The whole picture has dark and light in it and what to make of it I am pretty sure I will never completely understand.

And as my Katharsisdrill project is my free culture experiment I am only happy that you use the art. It is all collected at my website: https://katharsisdrill.art and I do enjoy that people use it for whatever purpose they like.

I have had similar thoughts, much bad comes from the social dynamics of humans and especially from envy and minority complexes - both of these are insecurities, but of course not the only ones. The need for danger, domination or submission can lead to bad things, the same can trauma and angst.

I admit this article is simplified and generalized in regards to the whole 'power and control' conundrum - but I hope the avid reader that can use their own brain can convert this concept into something of use for them in their own world.

I also see what you mean in that there are many other forms of 'demon' - I focus on the one that over-compensates for insecurity because that is the 'power' demon that keeps on trying to get more power which is currently taking centre stage - aka globalism aka Covidian cult.

Glad your artwork is usable and open for interpretation - it's quite commendable you have opened up your expression to the public like this. I feel a lot is lost in an artist when they try to put too many fences around their work. The art of selling and the art of art take two different minds and are often in conflict - yet, in society we attempt to marry the two constantly like an abusive co-dependent relationship.

It is refreshing to find someone committed to open source! I once tried a music initiative as an open source project and in my naivety thought the creative world would embrace it. It was then that I discovered this maze of power game so many artists put their expression through to squeeze out a pittance. Wanting nothing to do with that world I became predominantly a street musician.

Would love to get your take on a story I have written which is currently being developed into a screen play.

I have an illustrator who is making colourful designs which are perfect for the use I am going for but I feel something created by yourself would definitely pull at some of the deeper strings of humanity.

The story is an attempt to reclaim myth from 'the power's that shouldn't be'. I wanted to write something that allowed for the infinite potential of the human to expand - a story to survive the age of censorship we now live.




"What is survival if you do not survive whole?" So true! No matter what narrative you follow (the "official" one or the ones circulating in the alternative media), the key focus comes down to survival -- the former spreads fear of mass death by a virus, while the latter portrays various depopulation agendas. And certainly as humans we are naturally geared towards prolonging our survival as long as possible, but rather than survival for its own sake, the focus should shift towards living out our full potential as creative beings to the best of our capacity.

Your thesis that control arises from insecurity is a compelling one that holds up to observation and experience. When I am feeling insecure, I try to control the situation or take on obligations that give me a sense of "stability." I can see how this insecurity and the resulting need for control can be passed down through generations. On the other hand, if you were operating from an internal sense of security, you would feel no need to control others.

Hey Katie Cat 111, thanks for your thoughtful comment!

Yes, survival - we just can't get our heads around it can we?

Add another element to the equation and that may be 'spiritual survival' and then you have all these 'woke environmentalists' running around believing they have been incarnated at this time to save humanity (god help us!).

Well, of course, we're living in a type of dystopia both physically and inter-dimensionally - for.. who the hell would make up this shit? Really?

As to control - well it is in my experience that often insecure people look for positions of power or do whatever they can to get in a position of power so as never to be dependent on anyone ever again (that trust circuit has been burnt out). I also speak from personal experience with my own timeline - but seeing as I speak so openly about it, I have the opportunity with others to usurp it. Unfortunately this also makes me vulnerable to attack (anyone that feels like it can now try as they might and pin their offense on the subject on my own shortcomings) - and that is the nature of trust and honesty - we create mechanisms to 'qualify' truth and honesty in others because we are protecting something vulnerable, wounded, hidden.

On the other hand, if you were operating from an internal sense of security, you would feel no need to control others.

This is absolutely true. And it is within everyone's personal power no matter who or what they are in the world in any situation to do so for themselves at any moment (I believe). I argue, many family dynasties that created a never ending power generating system for control never ever have had to build that internal security and so it has always been projected outwards.

Thus supporting again my hypothesis on control.

Like in another comment here - I admit, I use a generalization to prove a point - yet, I feel this generalization is relevant and necessary to simplify the content into a form that a searching individual can understand readily.

Thanks again for taking the time to have a look and if you feel like it - please participate in this manual poll! (Satire warning!)

then you have all these 'woke environmentalists' running around believing they have been incarnated at this time to save humanity (god help us!)

Yes! Greta for president of the world haha.

The images, where did you get them, they are so greatbut where are the sources? Omg that Yggdrasil is beautiful <3

I think I understand what the problem is. There is sources under the images in the original post, but they are placed in the image caption which seems to be a Peakd feature which does not show on hive.blog (and possibly not on other frontends).

All sorted! At first I simply had your username which is clickable but when using vybrainium or proof of brain frontends there is no work of yours as yet in those front ends because you haven't used those tags before.

I have this posts tagged in #vyb and #pob so it appears in those frontends.

As a result I have provided source links directly to the peakd frontend.

The image sources are embedded as I used links. But I will edit the post and provide the links for you so you can find them more easily.

Three artworks are from @katharsisdrill 's blog as mentioned. You can go there to find more of his amazing art!

Great work. I have to echo @jesustiano, however. Can you mention which front-end katharsisdrill's images are located? Would peakD display them?

Not trying to cause drama. POB and VYB love following a user's links as it allows them to seek out additional information. Anyway, look forward to more of your work. If you wouldn't mind adding those source links I feel more people would be attracted to your work on either platform.

Have a great night.

I get it now. Sorry for the confusion. I am a bit new to this various frontend business.

So I have provided individual links to all sources and will do so in the future!

Have a nice day! 😀

Thanks, friend! We're all learning this front end stuff, I think.

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