Life is full of choices

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During the last 1 and a half year life has surprised us like never before with obstacles and blocks and testing our endurance to it's maximum capacity, and giving us some most valuable lessons of life.
The most important change that I have seen in people is that people have started building a positive approach in life, despite of everything. Our experiences of life gives us many choices and it is upon us what choices we make. Choices of being disciplined or undisciplined, eating healthy or not, staying active or dull, it is all upon us, what choices we want to make.

No one likes to be sad and dull all the time and if such a situation keeps going on for long, eventually we will have to find ways to move on with life with a positive mindset. We need to start enjoying life with what is there and not keep waiting for what we want. Of course what we want has to be in focus and need to be worked upon, but then waiting for it and not living today is not the right action.

In today's time our biggest asset is our mind and we need to make the best use of it. Remember you control your mind, your mind does not control you. The moment the mind starts controlling you, all the problems begin, our thoughts can either doom us or keep rising us. So do we want to rise or be doomed is our choice.

A bright and early start gives the power to the day

The fun of life is to climb every obstacles it throws at us, clear every block that comes across the path, keeps cross the challenging routes that it brings on our ways and come out victorious, this journey has to be lives with choices even if it is a thundering storm. The attitude will decide how it will sail us through this storm. The choices will decide if we will sail through or we will drown in the storm.

So let's make the right life choices today and sail this storm, everything is coming as an experience, till we will not learn and be ready to move forward, it will keep coming to us. Over the next few years when we will look back to today's time, we will understand that in this also we had many wonderful opportunities.

So what are your choices of life........Reflect....reflect...reflect......and make the right choices.

Stay Happy, Keep smiling 🌞💖

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A brilliant analysis. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to survive.

It has taught us not only to survive but also to looks at the finer things of life and appreciate it. What all things we never valued are things of great importance to us.

The look on your face reminds me of the importance of getting out in the sun and doing physical things everyday, despite the lockdown restrictions. A good attitude goes a long way too, and that can't be overlooked.

I think last one and half year when whole world was stuck at home, it gave people to know themselves better. I don't think ever in this century people have taken such a long break from work, society and everything else. Though circumstances around us not all good, some of us lost there loved ones but it had impact on every individual. Right choices and positive approach is the way forward. Have a Great day 😊🙏

Yes, the slow down moments have been a good time of reflection and rectification. For those who stepped up will definitely see the change in frequency and for those who have not been able to may the light of the creator bring them to the right path. There has been tremendous loss and it is all a lesson to take along with us in the future.

What a beautiful picture of you standing tall, on high ground... both in body, AND IN MIND.