Quantum physics tells us that the future creates our present. Is it true?

Excerpt: How is the reality created? Why is only one probable future manifested out of infinite ones that are available to us? Our future has no less influence on our life than the past or the present have. While the point of power remains always in the now moment, there is something that is called the now-future. In recent years, science has backed up this notion thanks to the work of Prof. Yakir Aharonov.


The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2009 went to "Masters of Light". This is the title given to three scientists whose explorations in the past decades allowed the creation of YouTube, hi-speed internet, Digital cameras and many other features of our current technology.

One of the final candidates though, who eventually didn't win the prize was Prof. Yakir Aharonov, an Israeli physicist specializing in Quantum Physics. In 1959, he and David Bohm proposed the Aharonov-Bohm effect for which he received the 1998 Wolf Prize.

Reality creation is well known and largely practiced by many people. "You create your own reality" is no longer an artificial slogan but a well-based assumption that one is not required to comprehend in order to put it to good use.

There are many methods to create reality. Various teachers will give you different tools, physical exercises, mental practices, emotional motivators and so on, that will surely work to some extent for at least a short time. Not many though will be able to explain how the reality is created from a physical point of view. For that latter goal, I recommend "The Unknown Reality" A Seth book (two volumes) written in the late 70ies by Jane Roberts. Here I will refer to one notion explained in that book.


Reality creation explained

I will start with a concept you will have no difficulties to accept - our current position in life is changed by the past. This is logic. It is simple for our minds to grasp. We all understand how the past affects our present. The things we did, the experiences we had, the thoughts we conceived, the emotions we felt, are what made our present moments to be what they are. Your mind tells you that our known reality is based on a linear time-line orientation that one needs to adopt in order to function in our system.

Interesting things happen though when we begin to actively create the future. We do it every day. We look upon the future, imagine the desired outcome, choose it and let it be realized, trusting that our choice will be "heard", "answered" and manifested. What happens next is that our body-cells, along with every cell of consciousness that exists in our reality, are changing themselves now, matching themselves and altering themselves, according to the unique conditions of the probable future that we just chose. Our present is affected, then, not only by the past but also, and perhaps to an even greater extent, by our future. That singular future is "calling" upon those cells and particles and communicates with them in order to pave the path between the present and its own location in that future.

The Aharonov-Bohm effect proved this mind-boggling spiritual principle! To put it simply, one of the implications of the A-B effect is this:

It was known that the Atom, or any physical particle for that matter, is affected by its previous position, from its past. They have discovered that the particles are also affected by their position and experience in the future! The researchers found out that the small particle "knows" how, when and where it will be in the next moment and alters its current conditions according to that future.

The implication is amazing. We have long been taught that the way to create reality is to “think positive”, imagine that our dreams come true and send thought forms into the future. We did it without really understanding why and how it really works. Now (or actually since 1959) we know the specifics.

The Aharonov-Bohm effect proved this spiritual assumption many years before it became worldly known, providing a milestone for the skeptic minds among us.


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