The path to richness, part 3 - What is wealth?

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In this series of posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money. At the bottom of this post you will find the links to previous posts in the series.


Why does the Master consciousness of abundance is important? Why do you even need to know that? After all, it'd be simpler to invest in some venture or in the stock market and get rich, right? Well, no. Because consciousness always precedes being (remember this idea) and therefore true wealth requires a true consciousness of abundance.

So great, we all (almost) want to live financially well and be rich. But what does that mean? $100 million in the bank? $100,000 in the bank? After all, each person has a different definition of wealth.

A successful tennis player was once interviewed about his financial success, his fortune has already reached $10 million and he was asked what his next goal would be. He said that when he began to amass wealth and live a life of luxury he was exposed to an unfamiliar lifestyle of wealth. And this created in him a sense of scarcity because compared to the new social milieu he did not consider himself rich. So his next goal, he replied to the interviewer, was to amass a fortune of $100 million.

The same man, and there are many like him, while may be regarded in the eyes of society as a rich man, is still living without a consciousness of abundance.

The master who lives in the consciousness of abundance knows that wealth is a state in which every need and desire he has is fulfilled or can be fulfilled immediately. Stop for a moment, read this sentence again. Being rich is not how much money there is in your saving account or what the scope of your investment portfolio is, but the knowledge (and deed) that every need or desire you have is fulfilled. There is a lot of freedom in this knowledge, a lot of confidence, effortlessness and lack of worry.


What are those needa and desires?

  • Need - it's about the basic needs of existence. For one it is three meals a day and for the other it is a livelihood for a family of 10 people. The need is determined by your living conditions. If you are a businessman who needs certain objects (computer, clothing) to run on a daily basis, then in a state of abundant consciousness all those needs will be fulfilled even before you even think about them. Everything you need will be there.
  • Desire - it does not mean the fulfillment of pleasures. It is not that if you have a desire to go on a two-week vacation in the Maldives then a consciousness of abundance will fulfill it for you. It can happen, and probably will happen but the focus is not on that. True desires are those which match your value fulfillment, a concept I repeat throughout my posts, and a reference to the purpose you have chosen for yourself in this life. For example, if your mission is to heal people and you follow it and fulfill it then the universe will support your path - materially, with money. The universe will gift you for listening to yourself. That is why it is said and advised: "Do what you love and the money will come".


Now, do not get me wrong.Clothes cost money, flights cost money, food costs money. You can not come to the seller in the shoe store and say to them: "I live in a consciousness of abundance and all my needs are met so give me shoes for free". Therefore, do remember what I already said in the first post, that the wealth I'm talking about is very practical: money in the bank (or any other form it comes in). That is, living in a consciousness of abundance will definitely enrich you. The money that will come to you (and in a future post I will detail how) will be there to satisfy all your needs and support all your desires as masters of consciousness.

And that concludes precept # 3 on your path to abundance.


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