The path to richness, part 5 - You want to be rich? Forget about it!

In this series of (16 and counting) posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money. At the bottom you will find the links to the previous posts in the series.


Most of you read these posts for a very practical purpose - to improve your financial situation and maybe get rich. And rightly so, because this aspiration is normal and appropriate and very true. It is the one who pushes you for change and growth and value fulfillment.

And it could have been very easy for me, from the very beginning, to satisfy your desire, to advise you where to invest, in what stocks, what areas, who to turn to, how to identify trustworthy people, and generally focus on practical hands-on advices, how to become rich.

Easy but not real.

Because then, thanks to the same guidelines and advice, your financial situation would have improved for a short time but you would not have the consciousness of abundance to preserve it. Wealth in the hands of a person who is not ready for it can be a recipe for personal and family disaster. We all read the stories of people who won the lottery and lost everything shortly after (google it ifm you will).


The title of this post is more than a ClickByte. Because one of the things that bothers you in life, especially when you want to achieve something that seems out of reach like wealth, is your mind. Examine your thoughts right now, how much doubt do they have? How sure are you that you can be rich one day? How convinced are you that you are already rich (as I explained in part 2)?

I will not elaborate in this post about the mental structure of the mind and the part it plays in the human personality set; it is enough to know that your mind is intended to analyze physical reality and to ignore any evidence or potential-future that are not perceived by the five senses. And that's a big problem!

In the distant past, for years, I have worked with patients to change their beliefs and rational worldview, not only about abundance and money but also and especially about their relationships (will it surprise you that most people are interested in being loved and less interested in being rich?). But as we progressed we always came across a glass ceiling. Money came-in in small portions, love came and faded. As if there was some counter-force that blocked and stopped and prevented; a force that on the one hand was seductive and rewarding and on the other hand a vicious thief.

You already know what it's called - the mind.

So my directive/advice has changed. Leave your mind at rest, do not try to force positive thoughts on it or imagine wealth and abundance. It would be best not to think at all.

Do you want to be rich? Forget that you want to be rich.

Just do not think about the subject, do not imagine a possible future, do not plan what you will do with the money, do not look for reasons why you are not rich yet; the less you think the better.

In practical terms this does not mean living in denial. Take this post for example. When you read it now you have thoughts, and that's one of its purposes. Thoughts generate unconscious internal processes (this is also one of the goals of my writing) and everything is good and beautiful. Your mind gets information, and it goes to work. But then it needs to stop. Have you finished reading the post and have an urge to take action, to do something about it? Do it! And that's it. Do not immerse yourself in thoughts and analyzes about "how poor you are and that there is no chance that you will be rich and where the money will come from" etc.

I will remind you - the state of wealth is a natural, normal state, and money will manifest in your life. This is one of the possible futures for you, unequivocally. But the second you doubt - not a moment earlier - this possible reality disappears. And who doubts? Your thoughts from your mnind.

So it's best that if you want to be rich forget about it.

And that concludes precept # 5 on your path to abundance.


Links to previous posts in the series:


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Well... That's an advice I never heard nor thought about before, but I a few people did tell me to not imagine something I want to be done, if I imagined it, I'll be satisfied enough to not do it.

yes,that's the basic principle.
Which is contrary to the "positive thinking" and "visualization" concepets of the new age.
I appreciate your comment. ty.

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This part rules out the "imaginations is better than knowledge" concept. Can you break it down further?

The regular Imagination comes from the mind. One is told to envision things. The problem is that the mind is limited and usually has no idea of the big picture. Therefore, it's better to not involve the mind in the process of manifestation. It takes a HUGE amount of trust, i know.
Alternatively, the way to create a desired reality is simper -

you want something, you dwell upon it consciously for a while, you feel yourself in it. You do NOT plcae your agebda, You do NOT imagine how it will happen. Then you drop it like a pebble in the pool of the universe, forget about it as much as possible, and live in the moment. You will receive exactly what is needed to lead you to the most appropriare manifestation in your life. A manifestation that will lead you to fuilfill your calling. And remember - money is but a tool, not a destiny 😉

I completely understand. Thanks for taking the time to explain. ❤️