The path to richness, part 6 - Invest!

In this series of 16 posts my goal is to bring to the front the consciousness of your relationship with money.


So, in this post, the sixth in the series, I'm not talking about the recommended or the right capital risk avenues in the post-corona ear, but about investing in you. You want to be rich? Invest in yourself.

Years ago a close friend came to me, gave me a sum of money he had inherited, and asked me to invest for him. I said then that I did not understand anything about investing and certainly not in the forex area (as my friend requested),but the same friend explained that he had trust in me, that he trusted my integrity and had faith in my doings. Since the FOREX field intrigued me and I was just exposed to it in another way, I started studying it, technically and fundamentally. For a few monhts I familiarized myself with the players in the market, I trained on a demo platform, and when everything went well - on paper the investments achieved a 500% yield - I opened a trading account. In the first week I earned a return of 70% on my friend's investment. I was excited and began leveraging my trading and withim one week lost all the profit and the initial investment! With my head between my legs and full of guilt, I explained to my friend that all his money was lost.

Years later, as I carry the scars of that experience, another investment opportunity came to me. The lessons and insights I had gained in the first round (keeping emotional balance, dealing with temptations) thundered well in my head. I told my friend about the new opportunity while emphasizing the risks. He also remembered the loss of his inheritance-funds but still trusted my discretion and therefore asked me to include him in that new investment.

A clever man does not fall into the same pit that a wise man avoids. So at least I came out clever. The investment this time yielded to my friend a very large return and compensated for the previous loss (Luck has nothing to do here. Many other people who participated in the same investment lost everything. They did not learn the necessary lessons of the consciousness of abundance as I explain to you here).


(Photo credit: Romain Laurent)


Ostensibly you may say, you lose once you win once, that's the nature of life. But no. The financial loss in the first round was an investment in myself. While numbers and the bottom line are indeed important, they can not be the target when you are on the path to wealth. The goal must be you! I then studied, researched, experimented, experienced and arrived ready for the second round. Had it not been for those lessons, in the second round I would have lost much more and experienced a scar that would not have allowed me to recover.

For Alon Musk everything is a side project, meaning he treats life as opportunities to acquire skills. Whether it’s video editing, storytelling, personal tutoring, reading maps, technical analysis of graphs, or building space shuttles going to Mars. Nothing is a waste, no action that enriches him is superfluous. Alon Musk invests in himself.

People say they like change but are afraid to invest in themselves. "What is it good for? I will never be a gifted pianist", "I have no time for new hobbies", "I'm too old to travel the world". The worse version is an expectation for money that will allow them to invest in themselves. You probably know this: "No, I can not afford it. It's too expensive. When I win the lottery I will go for a balloon ride". And maybe some of you will agree with them but you then miss the point. It is your giving to yourself that commands the universe "I deserve more. give me!"


Start small. Even if you have a grueling 12-hour job and children who demand your full attention, think of one little thing you will do for yourself. Something that will enrich you and preferably one that will require you to spend money. Because the very decision and the thought that you are not just wasting money that you do not have, but rather investing money in yourself will create a dynamic in which the money you spent will return to you doubled.

And where will the money come from? About that I will discuss in the next post in the series.

And that concludes precept # 6 on your path to abundance.


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Oh my goodness. When I saw the title from the links, I thought, here is where he will talk about compounding, stocks, mutual funds, real estates, etc. You know what you did? Not only did you take me up by surprise you made me pause and smile when you said this 👇👇

You want to be rich? Invest in yourself.

In my experience, you are not wrong, every damn funds I have in my entire life had been because I invested in myself the previous years.

Every time I change route and learn something new, initially, it would seem as a waste of time, but the universe never considers investing in ourselves as waste. I have watch her bring opportunities that turns to money just because I learned how to do a particular thing some time ago.

Yay! 🤗
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