LAUGHING AT PREPPERS featuring Zac Bauer

LOL, preppers! What in the world?

Laughing at preppers! What a strange thing to do. Can you imagine people mocking someone just for being prepared? Is it really so much wiser to be unprepared that those who have invested time, money and effort to keep their families safe and fed are worthy of ridicule? We don't think so!

In this video, Zac Bauer from An American Homestead/New 2 Torah joins me as we discuss this strange and common phenomenon of laughing at preppers. Enjoy the show!


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You would think between riots and COVID, everyone would see why preparedness and emergency plans are so important now. Anyone who is still in denial is deliberately choosing ignorance.

I am also a prepper but not on the level as you. I appreciate your videos and learning from you. Seeds are going to be very valuable. You sure do not want to be trapped in the city fenced by interstates. Thanks.

Great show guys LOL! You might like my Cotton Mouth I caught last week. I got one finally LOL.