What Freedom Feels Like To Me!

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I have gathered all my courage to pen my first entry ever to one of the reflective Biweekly questions that the Abundance Tribe positively forces one sit with. The interest was triggered by what freedom looks like to me and the reason behind the passion which sometimes spills fused with trauma.

This question -What does FREEDOM feel like to you?- is open to anyone within the Hive community so you too can give it a try.

Free At Last?

As a descendant of my enslaved ancestors, I was born into a newly found Republic. Our freedom fighters were still nursing their PTSD and alien gunshot wounds when I took my first breath.

How can a child of war know freedom?

Among the noises I picked up from my environment were my mother's screams as her husband's raging blows drummed on her delicate skin. I must've wished for her freedom, no?

Eventually, she left.

Grief would later hold me captive as they lowered her body in the grave. I was fifteen and a life without my much needed guide felt too unfair. I was chained onto sadness and heartbroken. I remember angrily yelling at the wind demanding to be read my sins and shown where to repent in exchange for my paralyzing pain but...


I must've lost myself somewhere in the aftermath and an early marriage came out as a safe haven for a terrified grieving eighteen year old who had had it with the toxic homestead death had so cruelly turned into home. I jumped into one unaware it was a gaslighting trap.

My Libra-ness poured her naive heart out on our first nights and unknowingly helped cement the chains that held me down for a long disturbing decade as I ate dust and mud off someone's unkind boots. His fists rained on my skinny frame like a hailstorm as my freedom peeked through where my soul cracked.

Breaking free.

Freedom found me
And blanketed my unsure being.
She welcomed her to the light.
Left the throne
And fell unto her deserving feet
To serve me.


A man with more silver coins and extra gold pockets branded me a thief and coughed up his minions to lock me up. He had ranked high up the ladder in an earlier time and those who dragged me to court didn't forget to remind me he was still their boss.

Welcome to corrupt regimes legacies.

The rigged system enabled a judge to later on steal my freedom for two years and moved on to the next case like she normally did/does. Freedom felt like strength draining from my bones of their marrow at that dreadful minute.

In a striped smock, I lived among established queens of the underworld who fondly called me and anyone with unsoiled hands cowards. To them, we had no business being among them.

That entire stay taught me physical freedom doesn't necessarily equate to mental freedom. It is the jailbirds that showed me the path to inner freedom even while I missed roaming around in populated streets without a guard.

Freedom felt more like dead weight when I returned from living behind high walls and months of begging for the most basic needs. I had adjusted to operating under oppressive rules and my mind was yet to accept what it had previously craved for day and night.

Since then, I have been in captivity a few more times.

This one time, I met a soul whose light made me feel like they are the one but my scattered heart dragged me back from dreamland when their light went out. My happiness had slowly become theirs and without them darkness caged me once more for old times sake.

Or the many other times, I have found myself boxing myself within unhealthy expectations. Self sabotaging. Or understandably feeling defeated to even try to prove that I am enough.


Freedom feels like inner freedom. The ability to accept who I am and whatever I have been through. It is in acceptance of our current selves that we can manifest better versions of us. Or so I believe.

wambuku w.



Such a beautiful account of the cruel reality you have lived through, only a person who has experienced what you have told can give true meaning to the word freedom.

I don't know if the story is real, I don't know if you are a woman or a man because I use a translator and the genders become one, the only thing that is clear to me is that poetry and prose can transform pain into something beautiful. Thank you for sharing.@tezmel

Oh. Your kind words are overspilling and I can't be more grateful. Thank you :)

Hey. My name is Tez. My pronouns are she/her and they. Yes the story is real. I usually weave my pain with prose and poetry to enable myself to bring down a few walls.

It was so good to find your thoughts here.

Nice to meet you Tez, thanks to you for reaching my heart.

I am Ana María and also my pronoun is ella, because I am a woman.

Keep on that line of poetry, you focus well your pain to come out with words. Thank you happy day.

Maria ♡

Because you share a name with my favourite girl (my late mum).

I shall always try and thank you too.

This is so beautiful @tezmel, thank you for sharing these parts of your life with us and from explaining so well what freedom really feels like to you. You are such a creative Goddess xxxxx

Such kind and humbling words from the same soul that extended the invite to free ourselves through a sentence. What more can I ask for? :)

You are such a creative Goddess.

As you are Ma ♡

I am not even sure how I feel about freedom. Sometimes it is just there, sometimes you long for it, But humans aren't making each other free that is for sure.

Freedom is a lot to digest. I don't think any of us is ever like totally free. Or probably it's because I am now aware I have always been a slave to something toxic or just bitter.


Because I just saw the tip. I am gobsmacked as I am in place where such kind deeds would help a lot. Thank you so much :)

Freedom is a strange notion really, especially because it imagines some form of independence in a world where everything is connected. But I know the feeling and it is very important to me. Maybe it is just that: a feeling or a dream.

You earned those Hive dollar with your writing, so don't thank me :) I think you write very interesting and it also makes me think and see thing in new perspectives.

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