Calf Creek Falls - Long exposure (4pics)

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Did the 3 mile hike out to Lower Calf Creek Falls over the weekend. Knew me and my sister @sjarvie5 would arrive well into the morning after starting the hike at 7am ... so i brought along my 10 stop ND filter to still get some long exposure shots.

Most of these are 15 or 30 second shots with direct light on the falls. I like how it still turned out without the ND I could have barely gotten a good 1/30th of a second shot.






Nothing better than getting outside on a beautiful day!

It really was a beautiful day ... not too hot for a 3 mile hike in the desert.

Wow those are some beautiful shots. Like the long exposure!!

fantastic, as usual

Thanks i appreciate it

This looks good. Very good shots of photograph. I like the pictures

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This one is on my must-see list! I can't wait to start doing some traveling again so I can visit places like this. You captured the falls so beautifully!

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Oh man I love those falls! I went past there on Hwy 12 a couple of weeks ago on the way to Bryce Canyon. I really wanted to hike it but it wasn't meant to be this time.
Spectacular photos as always @jarvie