Yesterday's Adventure : Vermillion Cliffs (10 Pics)

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Thursday I made the drive out to the edge of the Vermillion cliffs... I stayed out there for a Friday Morning sunrise and these are the shots from friday (yesterday) morning.

I've been visiting Vermillion Cliffs area a lot during the last month. I've always wanted to explore it a lot more. I went to White Pocket a couple times and "the wave" and the rest of Coyote Buttes is closed for the panemic because the office is not open to give out permits.

But one of the last things on my list was to dive out to the EDGE.
The post should give you a decent idea of what to expect. Though for next time out there i've marked some different spots to focus on for a nice sunset and sunrise.

These are the vermillion cliffs looking out toward the beginning of the Grand Canyon. Usually most people see the view looking up at the cliffs but if you drive a couple hours of backcountry deep sand roads you can get up to this view point.

This is looking eastward at sunrise towards Lake Powell and Page Arizona

A bit farther back shot and zoomed out similar to the previous shot just a bit earlier in the sunrise.

Looking the other direction of the cool formations that are out there at Powell Monumnet area of Vermillion Cliffs

A nice perspective of what some of the cliffs look like looking down.

Showing off the truck in the cool landscape near powell monument

Just a fun little hoodoo type rock out on the ledge.

This one shows up the elevation of the cliff nicely down into Glen Canyon / Marble canyon where the bridge crosses the colorado river.

This was actually on the way out to the location on the day before but this shows the type of deep sand roads out there. They look pretty easy and they are IF you deflate your tires a decent amount.

I thought i'd show off some of the fun flowers that are totally blooming right now... I thought of my sister @sjarvie5 when taking these shots because she loves desert flora.


You couldn't ask for a better setting. Wow. The pic of the rock ledge with the sunray camera effects is awesome. It has a couple prism spots from the reflection as well. Really cool. Three thumbs up. I'll have to borrow a thumb. 😁👍👍👍

Beautiful, I love your panoramics.

thank you

Beautiful and cool flower!

A bit farther back shot and zoomed out similar to the previous shot just a bit earlier in the sunrise.

That is some very nice color contrast going on, I bet that was simply fantastic to view as it was happening. Do you recall it looking that purple when it was happening? I have seen some purple mountain sunrises and sunsets, but I don't think I ahve caught one on camera yet.

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Hey man that are some nice photos!

I would probably be a landscape photographer if i had access to such locations nearby. Magic shots.

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