the problem with overpopulation started with all those "helpings" ! Around 1900 whole Africa, the whole continent - had an entire population of 90 Millions .. thats around todays Germany ! After the foundation of the UNO and the start of the "development aid" the population of Africa rose until the middle of the 20th century to already 250 million, today about 1.3 billion and if it only goes on like this and does not accelerate (which it must inevitably do) they will be 4 billion at the end of the century ! So European children, if there are any left then, will face 4 billion Negrids with an average IQ of 70 -- in many sub-Saharan countries far below and at 55 to 60 - who have nothing to lose. because the continent has been made infertile with feces, the last bushes burned for firewood and the last animals eaten ... and all of them will surge north!

About the IQ: in most European countries an IQ of 75 and below is cause to put a curator at the side of the person concerned, because he does not have the intellectual abilities to cope with daily life. In comparison - the whole of Africa 70, many sub-Saharan countries 55 to 60 ! A study on African universities has shown that even the most "gifted" Negrids in South Africa at an elite university for Negrids have an average IQ of 85 - with that you can't even pass the final exam to become a hairdresser in my country ! So with "educate" is nothing - besides it would be white education, so dressage ! During the white governments many sub-Saharan countries had a negride employment rate of up to 80 % - since they are allowed to slaughter the whites, this rate has more than halved, but there is an increase of rape and murder of about 20 % per year !

Birth rates have always been high, but so have death rates and this has provided a balance. Now with white medicine, science, technology, economy - - it is ensured that most of these birth surpluses remain alive and come into the age capable of reproduction ... in Africa around the 12 to 15 ... a generation in Africa is thus about 15 years and each generation doubles the population - it may be calculated.

You feed around the donations of the culture peoples the primitive destruction of all our cultures and the planet - -it is not our few cars, it is the billions, which may never be born or must die off in time, which will destroy OUR cultures together with the nature, flora and fauna and be proud of it, while in our countries our people is getting poorer and poorer, old people can't afford heating costs anymore, our high culture peoples are raped by dark hordes, forced out of their homes, infected with African diseases escaping the targeted stupefaction by adapting the schools to the low IQs of the immigrants -- shame on you !

or in a simple sentence -- who produces more children than food will starve -- so let them starve like Evolution made it .. and care for t he many poor of OUR people in OUR nations !

I get it, your point of view is unshakable. I'll think about mine. But for now I will not respond emotionally to you or to anyone on the other side of your barrier... Thanks for the voluminous reply, it's really comprehensive at this point.