Natural fertility in cold weather

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Nature always amazes me, we can't even define something in it, we can only see, feel and enjoy it.

Little did I know about nature in the highlands and lowlands, they differ greatly from the two.

Natural fertility in the highlands is higher than in the lowlands. I've heard of it and have felt it myself, when I was in the highlands and saw the fertility of the plants there was extraordinary, even without special care from human hands.


The highlands (in Takengon, Aceh, Indonesia) that I visited had cold weather, that didn't change at all, the weather was cold all the time, but it wasn't that cold, only around 22° - 15°. But what really influences this weather is the soil there, fertile soil makes the plants very fresh.

On average, people there choose to farm all types of plants, because they are easy to care for and the results are of high quality. Unlike the case with lowland weather or where I live, the temperature is around 30° - 40°, if we farm certain types of plants, we must take maximum care of them to get good quality.


You can see in these photos, about the flowers that I shot there, the colors are very bright, and that's without special care from human hands.





This is what amazes me, nature is so amazing and able to make the plants there become more fertile, and of course the trinkets from nature are increasingly real we feel there.


What do you think about this nature? Have you ever met in an area before?

We hope you will be entertained by these natural trinkets.

All the photos are original from me and the camera shots of the Vivo smartphone which has a 64Mpx sensor.

Thanks to all of you, see you next time.

Best regards!

Take care of your health and create happiness for you and those around you.




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Wow! Nice! Beautiful flowers with nice view in the background. Lovely to be near the sea and mountains! Nature is so beautiful and nourishing.

Yeah, I really like this place, besides the beautiful natural scenery there, the weather is very cool and comfortable.
Thanks Kaminchan for your presence here. :)))

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