Mass Indoctrination Day 5 || 2nd December, 2022

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Good day brethren, I am Emmanuel James. I was privilege by the mercies of God to be part of today's meeting held on zoom. It was so rich, we were taught what a husband and wife must do for their prayers to be answered by God. Marriage is a union of two different persons as one. For every godly family who wants God to answer their prayers there are things they must observe. Both the man and the woman have their part to play because they are now one and if any of them is on the contrary side, it is likely to affect the other, therefore there has to be total unity between the two. Below I would be sharing what I have learnt with you, I pray it edifies you too.


  • Husbands and wives should abstain from every form of sexual relationship during spiritual exercises like prayer and fasting. The married men and women should control theirselves and avoid the activities of the flesh when fasting and praying, they should have a good agreement between themselves and set a fixed time to keep away from sexual relationship until when those periods are over then they can continue with their affairs. It is not wrong to commit to the act of fasting and prayers while still having sexual affairs with your spouses. Prayer coupled with Fasting had great power. Fasting and praying is a sacred act and we are expected to separate ourselves unto God each time we practice it. Nevertheless, apart from the case of prayer and fasting, husband's should always give what is due unto their wives, and so applies to the wives. The husband has no right over his body, for his body is his wife's and so the wife has no right over her body, for her body is her husband's. It is wrong for a husband to deny his wife his body and so the wife. Any spouse that deny their partner what is due to them is guilty of pushing their partner to sin. As a woman your body is not supposed to be exposed to other men, for your body belongs unto your husband, do not sell what belongs to your husband unto other men. If you exposed your bodies you are likely to make other men sin unto God by admiring you the wrong way.

  • Fasting is always coupled with prayers. if you want to fast , you must let go all you evil ways before God can listen to you. You must forgive those that offend you, you have to loose those that are bound under you, you should give your bread to those that are hungry, clothe those without clothes, give shelter to those that are homeless, give help to those we are in need, do not hide yourself from those who need help from you. Fasting is very powerful. Apart from it's spiritual benefits it is also believed to boost the immune system by scientist. But as good as fasting is, we can fast in vain if we do not follow God's ideal standards for fasting. We can dissipate our energy for nothing if our hearts are full of evil while we fast and pray, for God will not hear us.

  • Men should give honor unto their wives. it is wrong to be cruel unto your wife, respect her and love her. Respect her body as well. Do not have sexual intercourse with her during her monthly period, that is wrong. Consider your wife for she is a weaker vessel, do not turn her into a punching bag. Provide for your family, provide for your wife, love her as you love yourself. Wives on the other hand should respect their husbands and submit to them, for they are the head of the family. A wife should never look down on her husband, no matter her class and wealth. She should never try to be the head of the family. Sarah in the bible clearly shows an example by calling Abraham her husband lord, showing a good sign of respect and submission. Wives should love their husbands as well. As a woman you should maintain yourself, be neat ,clean yourself for your husband. Make yourself attractive to him don't push him away to other women outside because of your inability to keep yourself and the home neat. A good wife can tame her man. A good wife can change her husband and so a good man can change his wife as well. When the head of the family is one and they walk according to the statute of God, if the pray God will answer them.

  • It is a shameful thing for a man to keep a long hair for it symbolizes a covering over his head. man is the glory of God and ought not to cover his head but the woman should cover her head because she is the glory of her husband, it is a sign of submission to Christ and her husband. The long hair of a woman is her covering, she shouldn't shave it.

I used to think that it is not wrong for married persons to have sexual relationships while fasting and praying.

The bible recommend husband and wife to abstain from sexual affairs during fasting and prayer so that their prayers can be answered.

Thank you so much for reading through 🥰.

You can also join us to learn more of the doctrines of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ here


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