How do we overcome our doubts and anxieties? MCGI Topic Review

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Good day everyone, we want to invite you if we can do topic reactions regarding the topic about How do we overcome our doubts and anxieties?

The words of God are very enlightening and can be an inspiration in our daily lives. We can watch these videos posted here and can make a post about it how it impacts us to be a better person or if anything added to us that we haven't heard before.

Part 1

It's normal to feel anxious at times, but when it happens too often and goes on for a long time, it can be a problem.

Is there a fool-proof way of overcoming problematic anxieties? Watch the first part of this series as Bro. Eli Soriano shares the answers of the Bible.

Part 2

Watch this topic's continuation to better understand how to have God's peace instead of anxiety according to the Bible, as discussed by Brother Eli Soriano.

Part 3

In this video, Brother Eli Soriano discusses biblical wisdom about faith and the importance of keeping God's commandments and teachings to achieve God's peace.

These are 3 part series and we can make a post for each video, please do not forget to include the video on our post. May God bless us all

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Through God Almighty, our anxieties and be suppressed. We can't control our anxieties sometimes by ourselves when we are entangled by our enemies

We should cast our care upon the Lord. Remember his yoke is light.