Why do people die? Topic review

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Good day brethren, today we have an interesting topic on Why do people die?


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This is the topic that we can watch and make a post based on what we understand from the explanation of brother Eli Soriano.

Every religion has a different perspective about Why do people die, some say that people do reincarnate and do not totally die, and some say they are only reborn in a different structure like being an animal like a cow, rat, or snake. BUT what does the bible say? Let us find out about the explanation of the bible no more, no less.

We have 3 parts series on this topic and we can make a post on each video, please do not forget to embed the youtube link inside our post.

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Death is inevitable to humankind. At God's own wisdom he has the purpose for death of humankind. I really enjoyed watching the YouTube video.

Great to know that you have enjoyed watching the videos :)

If you are interested we can make a separate post about it on our community that we can considering reviewing

God bless you brother @jude9

Thanks so much, I will surely drop post soon.

Our death teaches us to live life with the consciousness that we'd die and Face God's judgement one day.