Mass Indoctrination Day 1 Held on Zoom on November 28,2022

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What I learned:
It is only Christ Jesus that receive the authority from God the Father to teach us all. We should not be listening to other teachers because they will be teaching us other things. The Bible records that from the days of our fathers we have turned away from God, We have taken to the traditions of our fathers and they are the ones taking us and leading us far away from God. So we are not to listen to others, we are not to listen to the traditions of our fathers. We have to listen to only Christ Jesus. He is the only one that received authority from God to teach us. Many other are teaching other things different from what God wants. That is why they said that the church age has gone. They teach that the church is no longer necessary, whereas God established the church to make known his manifold wisdom, God established the Church for us to join. They said that to be safe is to accept Jesus Christ. How do you accept Jesus Christ without accepting the church that he preached? So we shouldn't listen to other preachers, but to Christ Jesus only.

The first doctrine of Christ is baptism. That is why Paul the Apostle, when he was converted, was asked to arise and be baptized to wash away his sins. And the Bible records that after his baptism he became a member in the Church of God. So the formal act of joining the church is baptism. During baptism one washes away his sins, and become a member of the Church of God, member of the same body which is the Church of God as recorded in Colossians, chapter one, verse 18. Because the Bible commands us to be fellow heirs as record in Ephesians 3 verse six, we are to be fellow heirs member of the same body. We should be baptized, both Jews Gentile the Greeks. Everyone is to be baptized into one body, into one faith, into one spirit.

Christ commanded his disciples to go into the world and baptize. Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and the Holy Spirit, and then to teach them what he commanded them. So we had to baptize to become members of the Church of God. Because baptism is also instrumental to our salvation, and joining the church is necessary for our salvation. So we should not just baptize anywhere, but in the Church of God. We should not claim to accept Jesus Christ and reject the church that he preached because the church was established by God to make known his wisdom which he purposed in Christ Jesus.

I didn't have any opposing believe regarding this teaching.

It is only Christ that received the authority to teach us. We shouldn't listen to others. The church age is not gone. We're to join the church of God. Baptism is necessary for the washing away of sins.

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